Gang Raped At 14

So it happened when i was really young , there were about 6 guys they dragged me away into a cuboard and sexually assaulted me . I was screaming , crying so loud but there was no help . All the guys were at least 18 and over . When this happened to me i was confussed , but i managed to bloc it all out for a while never talking about it and stuff . Then it came to the court case ,i was nervous i felt sick , and i wanted to run a 1000 miles away .They ended up getting 8 years which is good , but now i feel worse then ever now i have gotten older i have been thinking about it for . its really been affecting me recently . I can't trust people they way i used to I knew one of the guys and i thought i trusted him . RAPE IS HORRIDE AND YOU ONLY KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE IF ITS HAPPENED TO YOU , I HAVE N['pEVER TAKEN HELP FROM ANYONE I THOUGHT I COULD DEAL WITH IT MYSELF . I still havent gotten help , but i am going too and im 18 now . I suffer from depression , anxiety and SEVERE MOOD CHANGES . i need help idsjlofjlwejq';[k cant trust anyone

Now when i have sex sometimes i get flash backs it makes me feel dirty and butters .


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Dont give up on getting help. It's painful... I know. If you don't get it out, it starts to marinate inside of you in a bad way. Never realized it myself until lateley. Tried to talk to two therapists about it but they werent good therapist and it was just really akward and uncomfortable. So writing my post recently was my first step back into dealing with what happened to me. Dont give up... this wont ruin your life.

Honey i am so sorry that happened to you i so wish i couldve been there and stoped it what those sick ******* did to you was the most horible thing a woman can have done to her i wish you the best and my preyers are with you all ways

thank you , im going to start therapy soon . I told my gp all about the way i was feeling . And i really do want to move on with my life and do well ,without this dragging me down . <br />
It is hard some days are okay some are really bad . <br />
<br />
take care

Getting help is a good idea. You deserve a full quality of life. It affects every aspect of relationships. You are a survivor. You deserve the best life has to offer. The sooner you obtain competent help the better. It won't be easy, but it's worth reaching to regain what was lost of yourself. <br />
I wish you a safe journey and internal peace. <br />