Does The Panic Ever Go Away?

Sometimes I a can go weeks without thinking about it too much now, but then all of a sudden something takes me straight back there. I've not even been able to go on a date since it happened.

May 31st, 2009.

Is all this panic and damn claustrophobia going to come back and smother me every year at this time for the rest of my life?

No-one can tell. Or maybe they can and haven't said anything. Or maybe the people around me really care that little. Not that theyre equipped to deal with it. Except my aunt, whos a rape counseller. I almost went to tell her one day, almost. But my chest just squeazed so tight.

19. 19 now. Make it go away.

But it's never going to, is it?


Glucojel Glucojel
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I was raped 7 years ago. The first four years were especially hard. I remember thinking I will never be the same again. I went to counseling, this does help. They teach you how to think and give you strategies for when things are overwhelming. 6 years later I was feeling better but then got into another abusive relationship. All the past hurts and memories came flooding back, all the anxiety's were as if it was happening all over again. I really think it is better to get help from professionals and join a support group because the effects can take over your person if not dealt with. With the right help it dosen't hurt the same, you are able to move past it and live a happy life.

well its been 2 years since ive got raped. && every time that date comes around it all comes back and i get depressed, scared && sometimes even suicidal . it hasnt gone away but my problem is i didnt talk to anyone about it . i was scared && then incidents kept happening && i would never talk to anyone . && i still havent but maybe if you talk somebody && get help && maybe it wont bother you anymore . i wish that maybe i spoke to someone i think you shouldnt do like me && get help ok .

Maybe some other therapist or counselor besides your aunt can help you, someone outside the family. It is a huge burden to take upon yourself. You can regain your life and what has been lost. It can affect future relationships on all levels as your realizing now. It's difficult work, but worth reaching for. <br />
I wish for you, inner peace, love of yourself and eventually love of another.<br />