My Story, Please Read.

I was only 12 when my innocence was taken away... I've had a pretty rough life. My parents were always there for me though, I was the girl everyone knew as "The shy girl" ... "A parents dream" to my family. I tried my best to keep that title. Until a monster came into my life. June 9th, 2006, just 4 days after my birthday I was walking home from my cousins house, it was around 11pm I had lost track of time and didn't want to bother my parents or my aunt so I just decided to walk. My house is the only light on our street, it always terrified me I never had a reason though, but this night he'd give me one. I was maybe 100 feet away from my house when he came up behind me ... He picked me up and took me to a house. The house was cold, wet and very dark. We got there in less then 5 minutes so I'm sure it was one of those abandoned houses on our street. I yelled as loud as I could but he kept hitting me and I felt something wet ... I soon realized he wasn't hitting me, he was stabbing me and the wet fluid I kept feeling running down my side was my own blood. I don't remember what felt warmer the tears falling or my blood dripping. He ripped my pants off, bit my thighs and legs so many times it didn't hurt anymore. I tried screaming but no words would come out. I blacked out for a bit but when I came too I was fully naked ... So was he. He bit my chest ... I remember feeling as if my nipples were gone it hurt so bad. Then something else happened that just made me breakdown all over again, he was in me. After what seemed to be a lifetime, he finally stopped and put his clothes back on. As for me, I was left in a ditch, bleeding, naked, terrified. I laid in that ditch for 2 hours when a car pulled up, it was a police car. They ran down to me, made sure I was alive then wrapped me in a jacket. One officer quickly called an ambulance then my parents who had reported me missing. At the hospital I was told that I was so close to dieing they did t know what saved me, It's sick to think that the man who did this to me, was my own Brother.
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Plot twist

Oh my goodness, did he go to jail? Does anyone else know? I'm so sorry, being stabbed, then raped must have been awful.

Sorry to hear about this - ****** and rape has no place in society but it still goes on! Please complain about this to the police, because if you let it go your brother may repeat it and it may also encourage him to do it to other innocent people.