Yesterday was my birthday. I completed 19. My ex just messaged me, after leaving me for my cuts and calling me sorts of things, she said,"Happy Birthday, baby! Have a great time. I love you so much!"
I dont know why but just when I was about to forget her, she did this. I told her that I dont want all this, please leave me. She just said that stop acting like a ******* child. And I want to be friends but kept calling me stuff like immature. And my 'emo' ****. Stuff like that. You guys tell me, I loved her so much but when she left me, I was devastated. I still love her. But i am not stupid enough to take her back. I can't stand being her friend after knowing how much i love her and can't have her. So I blocked her off from whatsapp and twitter, is it a childish thing? I think not. I was hurt. I wanted to rebound. That's all.
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I don't think you did anything wrong or childish. She's obviously not considering your feelings and being selfish about the situation. 😠