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They Did It On Purpose

I babysit for this couple. They are a little unique. They both kind of flirt and make sexual comments in front of me all the time. I tend to be very shy and I think they just like to see my reaction. So one day I showed up to sit and the wife told me that I should go and help her son finish his bath and get him ready for bed. So, without thinking, I walked into the bathroom expecting to see my little friend taking his bath with his boats. What I saw instead was the father coming out of the shower with an erection. He smiled and said he was sorry and kind of covered it up but I had never seen a real one before. I ran downstairs. I didn't want the wife to think I walked in on purpose and I told her that I was sorry but had just walked in on her husband taking a shower. I was wondering where the baby was. She just kind of laughed and said she was sure he wasn't embarrassed and hoped I didn't mind.
Kristyluvs Kristyluvs 18-21 20 Responses Apr 17, 2011

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Wow what a way for your first visual encounter.

bAre Hugs

Hi ! your profile is quite interesting. Can we exchange messages and chat ? Please add me in your circle. -John

i hope your next viewing was more pleasant for you :)

Nice. They obviously wanted to see your reaction.

You just got set-up. I bet the couple talked about how they could orchestrate an "accidental" flash for you. Don't be surprised if it happens again with a new situation. As long as you look back on it and laugh, consider it a good thing.

Unfortunately, Idon't see them anymore :(

awwww... why not? :(

How many erections have you seen since?

not enough lol

then you are visiting the wrong places :)

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Your cute :)

If she hasdn't set me up, I would have been more embarrassed and worried about what she thought. Yes. I think about it a lot.

I had a very similar experience. I had left the bathroom door slightly open to allow the steam from showering out and not clud the mirror. My roommate's daughter was with him for the weekend and came in to use the bathroom just as I opened the shower curtain. She had a good, long look as I am a bit of an exhibitionist and didn't try to cover up and she made no attempt to look away. As it turns out when we talked about it she had only seen her younger brother, about 12, and never seen an uncircumcised penis. She was very curious about it and asked lots of questions which I didn't mind answering. I have the feeling it is going to happen again to add to her education on a natural penis.

He loved it. I am sure you were set up. She probably wanted to shock you. I hope you got rid of the tingles!

Sounds like they both set it up...

Yes. I continued to babysit. He was always very nice. Once in a while she would say or do something that seemed awkward but I don't think she meant any harm.

am sure from here onwards you enjoy such scenarios.....welcome to exhibitionism

My first insttinct was to turn away and apologize. He covered up, so it was all pretty brief but later, thinking about it, I got more excited. That was when there was a tingle

...and he probably did the same, thinking about it later.

he may have lol

but did u at least like seeing him naked. did it tingle you...did u at first say oh no.. but inside it was oh yeah...

It would have been different if the wife didn't send me because I would have really felt like I did something wrong. As it was I know she set it up. I really don't think he knew about it but they probably talked about it later. I wonder what they said.

would it have been different if the wife didn't send you and was just accidental?

would it have been different if the wife didn't send you and was just accidental?

Yes and still do

Have you got secret fun

Did you think about this later?