Felt Before Saw

i actually felt a hard penis long before i saw it. at 13 my first bf and i would meet at a swimming hole near our house and would get in the water neck deep to me and we would play with each other. i had really big boobs for a skinny 13 yr old, which he loved to play with as i gave him a hand job, all under the water. i saw his penis for the first time some time later when i was 14 and he talked me into sucking him off. he was hard as a rock and came really quick, gaging me and squirting in my mouth, hair, face, boobs, every where....way more than i expected. it was not pretty.
jamlee26 jamlee26
26-30, F
2 Responses May 7, 2012

I used to shoot alot but think its less now being older.

sounds real hot with your big boobs and him ******* so quick and hard. You go swimming more after that?

oh yea we went "swimming" like that just about every day that summer. we finally figured out how to do things properly