It's Broken!

I was around 8 or 9 and my brother was already 12 or so. He always used to love wrestling with me, always trying to fight like boys do. This one time we were I noticed he was poking me with something. I asked what that was and he asked if I wanted to see? Ok I said. He pulled out
his penis and it stood up by itself. I had seen it before but never like that. Immediately I thought it was broken or something was wrong with it so I got really scared. Whats wrong with it I said. He said it got stuck like that and you needed to rub it to make it better. So he got me to touch it and move my hand up and down. I did this for awhile but when I saw stuff oozing out I got more scared and ran off. He chased me and made me promise not to tell mom or dad. He showed me his penis and it was back to normal. I was relieved.
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6 Responses Aug 25, 2012

Ha ha cute story.

all you guys are pervs! She was molested by her brother! That is disgusting and she didn’t deserve that kind of abuse! She is a beautiful person inside and you guys just look on the outside! That ’s why none of you deserve and never will have a girl like her! She needs true love not a fling or your disgusting ding-a-ling!

See your seeing things from just one side "YOUR SIDE" its close minded people like you that make sex in any shape or form a bad thing. You think just cause people do see things the way you see them they are different, perv, pigs and ever other name you can think of to call people who arent like you. Not everyone is the same no everyone sees things like you. Just cause there are others that dont see things the way you do does not mean you lable them in a derogatory way. I have read her storys she is a very sexually open person more so than you are it seems. Someone like you might call her a **** for being so sexualy open or sexualy active just cause they dont or arent like you. You try and cover yourself in chivalry by saying "She is a beautiful person inside and you guys just look on the outside!" I think she is not only beautiful on the outside but so far she has shown that she is a open honest person on the inside. So before you go judging people think about what you say. When you assume you make an *** out of you and me.

If its really her biological brother then its not right and if you think that is natural to have sex with your own biological brother in this instance and be raped against your will and be scarred for life then you need help too. And the comment was meant for the people who think this story is sexy or hot. Not for her!i Feel sorry for! She was abused and there is nothing sexy or hot about that sir!

she wasnt molested unless her brother intended for it to happen concidering she wasnt forced

Do you like to see hard throbbing ***** shooting *** out of them?

nice.............wanna see mine now?


if you beat it till it stays flat i'll lick it till it's dry.