I was eleven.  I'd gone to stay over with a friend of my dad's because his kids were there for spring break.  His daughter and I had always gotten along.  Well, she was a few years older than me, her brother was exactly my age.  We'd had a crush on each other for years.  But, I was still in that innocent stage, he was hitting puberty, hard (literally). 

When we were all young kids we would play those little, show me yours and I'll show you mine games.  It was his sister who'd showed me the little game they often played, the first night I met her, where her brother would climb under the blankets and perform oral sex on her.  He tried it on me, but I was freaked out, having only been six then. 

At eleven, things were different.  It wasn't such an innocent little thing anymore. 

Their dad left us alone that day so he could go fishing.  We were all sitting around and someone said, "Hey, y'all wanna play that game?"

Well, we all knew what "That game" was.  I said no.  My friend was kinda gung-ho, which is gross seeing as how she was fourteen and the only boys there were her brothers.  Well, the one that was my age, who I'd had a crush on for several years, proceeded to chase me around the house.

Their youngest, and extremely overweight brother held me down on the floor while he grabbed my boobs.  All their sister did was stand there and laugh.  Finally I got loose and went to sit on the couch and the guy was like, "Look girl, you made me get a *****, now come slob on my knob!"

He came over and started messing with me again so I walked to the bedroom and tried to hold the door but between all over them I couldn't keep it closed.  They got in and his fat brother dragged me to the bed and he got on top of me, pressing his raging hard on against me.  He was begging me to have sex!  At eleven!  I refused and kicked and fought until I was back in the living room.

I stayed on the chair the rest of the day until their dad got home, then I left.

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I like your style!!! Would you add me please...

How traumatic for you. My sympathies.

I was expecting that too go in a different direction!

i think you need some psychological teraphy,lil kids don't even care about sex or genitals,lil kids don't speak like that,i think you love all this stuff after writing this lousy pedophiliac fantasy,your mind is really ****** up,i have lil nieces and they play barbies and games for kids,i suggest you a decent psychiatrist

Dude, get a ******* life. Do you just sit around all day investigating stories and determining whether they're fake, or not? Why would I make something like this up? There are people on here who make up things for fetish purposes, but this story was clearly not orchestrated. Nothing in this story is "unbelievable." The reason some of it seems lame is because it happened between eleven year olds. I wasn't attempting to create masturbatory material for EP pervs. Is that what is up your ***? That this didn't make you horny? Sorry, dude.

Not that you deserve another second of my time, but let me clarify that I am in school to become a Psychologist. Clearly, this is not your area of expertise and you should master the art of keeping your mouth shut (or fingers off the keyboard) on subjects that portray your ignorance.

Children can and do have sexual thoughts. Usually after some form of abuse or exposure has occurred. I was sexually abused from the age of three by someone who was only four when it began.

This has been, perhaps, the most asinine comment I've ever witnessed on EP. That is saying A LOT. "I have nieces and nephews and they play Barbies..." Umm, I played Barbies, too?? What's your point? Are you aware of every thing that is occurring with your nieces and nephews behind closed doors when they're with playmates? Not saying that all kids will go through something like this, but I'm sure all parents involved in my situation thought we were just playing childhood games, too.

Thank God your nieces and nephews have had to opportunity to live an innocent life, one that they're entitled to. I was not so lucky. A lot of people experienced far worse than what happened to me. Are you policing all of their stories, here, as well? Take a Valium and chill out. Nothing on the Internet is serious enough to get bent out of shape over.

Hear, hear.

Yes babe you are correct , some are psychological problem , that is why they are sacking others, you do not listen to them , you write your experiences.

... And I've never read through comments on this story until today. Funny, though, several months ago got almost the exact same comment from another profile. Haha, and you want to accuse me of having some sort of psychological distortion? You're obsessed with an Internet stranger's story to the point of dwelling on it with multiple profiles. I deleted the other comment because it was too painfully stupid to be viewed. An eleven year old cannot get a *****?? What. The. Actual. ****?? Are you kidding me right now?

i have a real decent life (a better life than your lame life),so you are telling everyone that certain lil kid performed oral sex on his sister (i don't think a 14 years old girl could let her lil bro act like that.....),"Their youngest, and extremely overweight brother held me down on the floor while he grabbed my boobs" so a young lil kid held you down on the floor while he grabbed your boobs O_0,lil girls don't even have boobs,i don't have multiple profiles you weird psycho,you said "youngest kid" hell yeah a lil kid got an erection,i won't answer all your rubbish,you don't even deserve my time and patience,lil freak

Dude i\'m not sure where you get your facts I for one was horny hell at that age and had many experiences with the neighborhood girls. I had a large **** that they all wanted to see and play with at the same time I have been blessed with good tasting *** which spread like wild fire in the female circles made it happen more.

you are very sick dude,i don\'t care about your lil small c.o.c.k and your weird fantasies,don\'t tell me your life!! i\'m not interested

Listen you dickless mother ****** ill kick the **** out of you. there is no reason to be such an ******* I was totally nice too you. why take your dumbass get the **** outta here. you say you were moleseted. 99% of the time I would feel sorry for you, I don\'t condon that **** but **** you, you rude mother ****** couldn\'t have happened to a more deserving *****

meet me in real life if you dare you worthless piece of huge crap,you talk so much crap behind your computer,i dare you to meet me in real life if you have balls,you will eat all your words you pathetic cyber bully

d.i.c.kless? my c.o.ck is just huge you lil *****,you are the one amenacing me,i dare you to fight me in real life (my real address: Spain,Esparreguera,street Lluis Millet number 25, or Spain,Esplugues de Llobregat street Vallerona number 1 or Spain,Barcelona street Numancia number 4) you can use google maps and you will find my houses and my real adress,tell me your address,we can fight whenever you want you lil *****,let\'s see if you are so brave!!!!

am i obsessed? hey I just checked your story 1 time,you are so ****** up woman,I don't wanna get horny with weird stories you lil freak,you described lil kids acting like nasty old men,btw lil ignorant someone abused of me and I turned into a shy person (you described confident nasty kids),i don't think abused kids will abuse girls,i bet you wanted to get some nasty comments,i bet a lot of pedophyles and ****** lovers commented your story (you wanted that) and you got nerves to tell me bullshit like "get a life" i have a life already,you need a decent and healthy life,just check the way you describe your adventure....... "They got in and his fat brother dragged me to the bed and he got on top of me, pressing his raging hard on against me. He was begging me to have sex!" or "Look girl, you made me get a *****, now come slob on my knob!" your story is just ridicolous,you make no sense!

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lol hope it later changed and you started liking them... hehe<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

That boys father did not do his job to teach the shithead and if he can't learn should have made sure the little jerk was never let loose without supervision. Maybe Dad couldn't afford enough batteries for the cattleprod?

Aw man, that was a messed up experience for an eleven year old to have.<br />
You should have kicked him in the ballz really hard.

Yeah, I mean, I know he was hormone crazed. But I was freaked out. His sister should have told him to stop sooner, rather than be entertained by my fear.

She liked to watch you struggle with her brothers. ****** in the family is always Wrong... and immoral. At any age. Uggh.

I agree.