The Shock

It all started about a year ago, I just started feeling "off".   I would think "oh, just having a bad day" or that time of the month is coming ect ect.

Then the mood swings came and then I would got overly emotional about almost anything. I started feeling very tired, overwhelmed, worthless and unimportant, and would cry all the time.

I finally decided I needed to go the doc, I thought maybe it's pre menopause?   Well she ran all the tests and it wasn't menopause.   Then we did the screening for "mental issues" (that's what I like to call it).

When the doc said I had anxiety/depression I lost it.   I felt like a failure, how could I be this way?  what did I do wrong? why? I have no reason to be, my life is great and that made me feel ungrateful and just selfish.

The truth is this is a condition and it can be treated.... I have the support of my husband and some of my other family members (not all but the ones that mean the most are there for me).  

My goal is to change my thoughts and change my life....I will accept this thing I cannot change and welcome it into my life and we will learn how to live together in a happy and healthy way.

confusedathome confusedathome
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2010