I Was Recently Laid-off

i was recently laid-off from my job. And it has made me very worried and scared that me and my fiancee will lose everything we have. My family keeps telling me that everything will be ok. But that still doesnt help the fact that im worried how we will get food on the table a roof over our head. It has made me just so **** bummed out. I dont know what we are gonna do. im worried and scared.

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7 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I was recently laid off work too and I am so scared that if I don't find something within the next couple months then I will lose the house I am renting. I will say a prayer for you and your family as well. Stay persistent and never give up.

I know burlybabe and she really is a crazy ***.

Hey Babe, now is the time to be close to the people you love not push them away. Hang in there and think positive, I'm sure everything will work out.ttyl

I know exactly how you feel. i am sort of in a simular situation and i worry that i am ganna stress out so much that i will not only lose my apartment but i will push the people i love most so far away that they cant even stand being in the same room with me let alone wanna still marry my crazy ***.

I hope you get called back soon, I don't know if this stimulus will help people like us, only the fat cats that run this country.

i worked in the oilfield

Hey I was wondering what you did for a living? I make door beams for automobiles and I was laid off in Dec of last year. Since I was laid off there has been two more round's off lay offs and it is not looking good right now.