Better Than Having My Time Wasted

It has happened before and I am sure it will happen again.  Not everyone has to like me for me to be happy.  I am glad they rejected me rather than wasting my time.

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I am sorry les.

i no what you mean it happend to me to an i dont no why.

Oh certainly it does sweetie. How are you today?

Thanks y'all. You are all so precious.

I cant imagine anyone rejecting you as a friend lol. You are sweet to everyone, caring to make time to those you dont know just to make them feel welcome, and very entertaining lol

MT, Glad you enjoyed me sweetie. You weren't so bad yourself lol

FG is so great to all of her friends I don't know why anybody would leave, willingly at least.<br />
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<br />
<br />
<br />
You felt really good last night, thanks. (SMILES and HUGS)

Exactly My little raccoon.

Floyd, I like to put them in my blender and make smoothies out of them. Then I suck them through a straw.<br />
<br />
Good example Rog.<br />
<br />
Thanks Enticeable lol

lol. You all have quite entertained me reading all of your comments. So after reading every single one of these comments I had to go back and read the story again to remember what the topic was lol. Was a bit distracted by the heat in here lol. Thank you all for keeping me enticed. That is exactly what i like and miss fungirl yor are quite an interesting lady i could just have you on my list and be preoccupied all day long with your actiivity lmaooo. Thank you for sharing this.

Lol, you like to suck at mangoes or eat them after slicing them?

Well I hope so bc I will be there sucking that sweet nectar every day lol.

Nope I'd prefer taking over the mango groove instead too! :P

LOL, but you can be my sugar baby Floyd. <br />
<br />
I love Coffee Mate as well. Both of y'all are awesome.

Let's don't forget, CoffeeMate may be soft hearted, but WarriorMom is always here to protect.

Duh, why is it that I am always bypassed, and you estb relationship with my kin? :(<br />
<br />
<br />
I am going to take over that mango groove now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMMM MT... mango<br />
<br />
Floyd that would be correct darling although you have the uncle with the mango grove... mmmm Floyd's uncle is gonna be my mango daddy lol.

I enjoy my friends and stand up for them bc I am their friend. I will also let them know if they have offend and extend forgiveness to them.<br />
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<br />
<br />
<br />
And I can go to sleep with the smell and feel your hair and skin, the curve of you against me.

Hmmm I think mango was meant for something else, correct me if i am wrong! ;P<br />
<br />
Good or bad, i am not giving it up, that is something in my character, cant leave friends alone to just deal with their issues and absolutely no to people harassing them.

Same here WM... I like how you share who you really are here. You are a good person.<br />
<br />
I have on LoveSpell as usual.

I also like you too fun, and never see an inkling of us eeeven needing to talk. I like who are. Your fun and real.

You need to stand up for your friends don't leave them to the wolves that are out there, for if you do they will be picked apart and have their ruins thrown back at you.<br />
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<br />
<br />
Mango......(SNIFFFFFFFF) What perfume do you have on?

No Floyd, it is because you stand up for friends. LOL Oh i was seeing caps.<br />
<br />
MMMM Mango...(fungirl shakes her hair releasing it from it's pony tail and back down to her shoulders.)

I think i know the reason too, when I stood up for miki. Lol its bad to stand up for friends I guess.<br><br />
<br><br />
Love ya too

I agree if you are going to be removed from a circle and you have PMed and talked then there should be explaination as to why they don't want to continue.<br />
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<br />
<br />
FG there you go nuzzle right into your spot and I can smell your hair.

Agreed, but I am a nice person and I like you.

Oh ok, its funny, happened to me too and some of the nice people on here did that, its ok people dont have to like me but i would appreciate a message explaining whats wrong so that I can at least look into it! Or at least a polite good bye would be nice.

That was exactly what happened Floyd.<br />
<br />
You got it WM... If we ever have to part ways which I hope we never do bc I like you so much I will give you an explanation. it hurts bad when that happens with no closure.<br />
<br />
MT, mmmm

I've experienced the same by someone who has so much compassion, but blocked me out of their life with no explanation, no nothing. When your close to someone, don't they at least deserve an explanation?

Oh yea..........That sweet smell, mixed with my sweaty smell. LOL

Did someone add you and then remove from circle?

It is right where it was when you left it last. lol

Just where your bush is at..........

LOL I already led you down the naughty path. What more can I do sweetie?

Lead the way FG.

LMAO, yes unless you plan on sitting in the bush all night lol

I'm sure that it is smooth and warm.......damn better move to a different group........LOL

Ahhhh well I think that might be a nasty one because mine has never been itchy or scratchy lol.

LMAO. Its the itchy scratchy kind.

LOL, at least you are getting a little bush. I couldn't help myself lol sorry sweetie.

and back into the bushes I go. HA

Thanks sweetie

Thanks sweetie. I was just writing about you and you appear from nowhere lol.

Their Loss.<br />
<br />