Few People

Some people did not add me back, no hit to them, they had their rules of not adding some weird stranger.


But some people added me as a friend, and then after some time when I looked up I was not a friend anymore, you dont have to like me of course but if you had to delete me eventually, why add me in the first place? Just makes it worse that way. And moreover, a polite message with a reason is alaways encouraged. Its ok though. They have their opinion I have mine, I respect both, but just knowing whats wrong with me could have helped!

Floydian Floydian
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Wohoo never got that many compliments in a single comment, no wait, single thread, no wait single day. Yeah, in a week got more than that! ;-)

And you, funny, intelligent, quick witted, harmonious and a friend as always!

Thank you, kind as always! :)

I will tell you what is wrong with you - nothing!

It is but its still ok to just check if people involved are someone you would like to be friends with, once upon adding then deleting is more pinching.

Thank you all, just a polite good-bye would have been good too, no complaints really, I could care less. I think i know the reason too why it happened but it would have been goof if I was confronted.

I agree with jerrica ...However I still consider you some weird stranger...............;-P~

i can't imagine anyone not wanting to add you.

Lol, I think my most friends are females, you included lol<br />
<br />
<br />
But I lack the other quality, the sex experiences, I think people who dislike my goofiness get me off their shoulder. And in any case you remove I will bombard you with all the cool gestures! :P