I Can Take Rejection

I was rejected as EP friend too, friendship is a gift and I can't force anyone to give me a gift. Though asking for friendship is risky, but it is worth it. So I may be rejected again but I have made such lovely and supportive friends that makes up for the few rejections.

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@ foreverme: I strongly agree with you, some of my comments have been flagged.<br />
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@ HealedHeart: Thank you very much for the kind words, you are a sweetheart.

Some of my stories,have been deemed "INAPROPRIATE" BY SOME FOLKS,COME ON MAN,I`M 81,THIS SEEMS LIKE A FORM OF REJECTION,Really gets to me,is it just mean ness ?IAM SO THIN SKINNED,

@ BlueGeorgia: thank you for your comment<br />
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@ Jennifer: delete these mails, I get a lot of them lately. It's a shame such good site is filled with perverts.<br />
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@ I vote for pedro: thank you for your comment

This is getting out of my control,<br />
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@ Mell: thanks for sharing<br />
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@sparkless: if you add a fan to your favorites you become friends, and vice versa. Sometimes you add someone and they don't add you back, that's one kind of rejection. I get my invitation back at these times.

I ope to have so many emails in my box one day. I'm learing that it's ok not to add friends if I don't want to . I've received mail from people I don't know asking me for sexual favors and otherwise propostioning me. I have dropped others from my list because they commented so much I didn't want to see my page filled with so many notifications. I din't know how else to control tehe number of announcelnts.<br />
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It's not personal, I just don't have enough energy to read so many posts. It's good to know I have a choice.

wonderfully put. : )

Gosh this is kind of distressing, I am new here & have been having a hard time figuring some of the ways to do stuff...I've added a few friends already and I just assumed they were ok with it....but I just realized there is a dif betw "friends" & "fans' bec they are und dif tabs, however, I don't know how they got into fans & if I am fans of theirs...whats the difference?? <br />
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I'm soo confused...I don't want to offend anyone...sheesh. <br />
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Not that any of you know me, or I know any of you, but happened to see this and it caught my attention.<br />
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Thanks!<br />
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Oh, and I am awfully sorry for those of you who got deleted or refused or didn't get added back...could they have done it without realizing?

@ steve: yes you are right<br />
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@ AppleBomb: thanks means a lot to me.

Yep that was fun. Everyone needs a little perversion now and again.

You heard that? Wow!<br />
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She's okay. After we let her up... we both took off running... hehe

I heard that, I hope she is alright!

Steve and I were bad boys the other day. We wrestled missbebe to the ground and he spanked her with a belt... hehe

It's their loss steve, I find your stories and comments quite amazing and you are a true friend. Their loss is my gain!

I liked it that one chap on here felt he had to block my comments on his rather weird stories. I did add someone to my circle, I only have 14 in it, and they gave me the third degree without accepting. After that I don't invite anyone, but I do respond to people who invite me.

OK, I did update, you are all right. I have seen so many perverts here, but I add everyone who asks, then I try to be so polite so they wouldn't dare to say bad things!<br />
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But those I ask first I know from stories and comment and mention how I know them and ask for their friendship.<br />
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I had someone deleting me, I think creating a lot of groups just get on some people's nerve!!

Been there but worse, someone added me then deleted even without a good-bye, still wondering why?

OK I am lost here!! I should start reading all these comments!

But I have all your recipes MSP... muwhahahahaha

Used to be more cautious but now I give everyone a chance... of course ya cross the line it's bu-bye *giggles* Not here enough anymore and refuse to spend it fighting off the idiot troops. <br />
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_____________________________________<br />
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See that line... don't cross it *giggles* or no more soup for you!

I sent her a PM after she added me. I said, hey... I have seen you around and have always wondered... who is pedro...lol

I recently accepted pedro's add MSP, so I haven't figured out that she is a dork yet... hehe<br />
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I do know that she has a new alarm clock that lives next door... ;p

...and the fact that IVFP is a complete dork doesn't help either *giggles* Just kidding! She's a good one to have in your circle so long as you leave the roosters at home.

maybe they deleted it accidentaly? Just a thought. I sometimes log in and have like 35 messages and although I answer every one sometimes you hit one wrong button and it's gone and you didn't realize it. I'm sure it was nothing personal... try again darlin' :)

I know what you mean. I added someone recently that is close to some of my favorite EP friends, but they never accepted....