By One Or Two Epers.........

~ But I'm not that upset about it. Just because I add you doesn't mean you have to add me. =] It really doesn't bug me if someone doesn't want to make me more than a "fan". I just wanted them to know that I thought their comments, or stories, or profile was awesome. For me, being a fan is more than enough. ~

(Of course that could be because I'm guilty of rejecting "friends" too. There are some people who "fan"ned me but when I go to see their profile & their stories, can't figure out what they were thinking because I have nothing in common with them. LOL! I usually don't add them, they just stay a "fan".)

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Don't sweat it

I don't circle everyone either - I too look at their profiles and I don't want to stereotype or generalize, but some of them - I can't see any reason they are a fan except that they are "trolling" - you can look at their Experiences and you know what they are interested in pretty quickly. So, I don't need that in my circle...