Rejected By a Fat Model

I went to meet a woman at a bar I met off the internet. I saw a picture of her before and she didnt seem that unattractive. She did seem a little nuts. She could not modulate her voice.. she was flirty, but like nutty flirty. Anyway, as I walked into the bar, I saw a woman that I thought, "that couldnt' be her.. i hope that's not her"

It was her. The irony however was that she ditched me. She was sort of frumpy which was not shown in the picture she sent me... but then she left.. and texted me saying that her boyfriend came and she had to leave.. yeah right...

Then I told her to ditch her boyfriend and come back so we could hangout...

She told me to get it through my thick skull. She was a model and I was too ugly to be seen with her.

Right... I was a gentleman, and although I wanted to tell her that I only date models who aren't old and frumpy (the truth).. I kept my mouth shut and just went home.
dogorcat dogorcat
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 12, 2006

And that's why you don't meet people on the internet! Ya shoulda just went to the bar in the first least ya know up front what yer getting into!! (ok, sometimes...)!lol