Mixed Signals

My last happy post was about a boy, his name is Alex and I got up my courage and asked him to homecoming. That took so much out of me, I thought that I would throw up I was so nervous. And he seemed like he was going to say yes, but he didn't. He told me no because he wanted to ask another girl. That broke my heart, it was such a blow to my self esteem. No matter what you don't tell a girl that you want to go with another girl, that's you don't do that. Well homecoming is next weekend, and I've been rejected a total of three time and I just don't feel like going now. But that's not mhat this is about, this is about Mixed Signals. Alex is sending me some serious mixed signals. Like Tuesday I worked with him and we fight and play around, and when we joke around he constantly grabs my hands, like we'll be fighting and he has ahold of my hands, and he'll look at me laugh then let go. And I don't want to sound conceited but I am skinnier. I'm a size zero and every chance he gets I feel like he touches my stomach, like he'll tickle me or he'll poke my sides. And yesterday I worked after school, and at first we didn't really talk but then we were playing around and he picked me up, and was tickling me and its just really really REALLY cute! And he actually held my hand, not full on, but he were fighting and again he had my hands, but this time he didn't let go of one of them and he just acted like this was normal. So I'm getting some mixed signals. This girl I work with told me that I would have to be stupid not to pick up his signals, and he would have to be a moron to be sending them on accident. I don't know, he's 17 and never really had a girlfriend. Do you think he likes me and just doesn't have a clue of what he's doing? Or does he not like, he's just friendly?

I dont really know if you'll consider this the right place for my story, but I was rejected.....after 5 days. He said no. I didnt even go to homecoming.
JDoe93 JDoe93 18-21, F Sep 28, 2010

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