Everyone Is At One Time Or Another

I've always been very shy and quiet with the sort of personality that I guess isn't easy for everybody to understand (introvert). I was tired of being single and watching everyone around me be happy in relationships. So, I tried the online thing. Not seriously, but sort of just seeing what it was about. I was on a now unpopular social networking site. I started talking to a guy on there I thought was cute and had an ok personality, at least initially. After hanging out with him 3 times, he stopped answering all texts. He would not just say "hey, I'm not interested." This irritates me to no end. It doesn't matter that you're not interested, it just matters that you open your mouth and say that, not just disappear.

I've also had a guy claim he liked me and was interested...only to turn around and refuse to act like he knew me around other people.

As I've gotten older, I've learned to pick this out better and not waste my time.
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1 Response Feb 12, 2012

You remember me of someone I know,she thinks almost like you,and she's you age too ;)<br />
<br />
You had a relationship in the end or not?