Again & Again!

Geez it happened again. Actually like three times in a row.

Oh my God.

I give up! Single forever!

BlackRose321 BlackRose321
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If it makes you feel any better I'm 25 & I've never dated, in fact I've never been kissed. To make matters wrost no one will give my a job/internship & I'm afraid it'll take forever to get my degree. I don't care about people but my whole life has been cented around work & school. At least yours isn't like mine. You had actual relationships in your life.-Oh well, I'm pulling for you.

4th time's the charm! ;)

I feel you girl. But don't give up, because that would mean giving up on yourself.

Thank you mina, I'm really trying not to give up and it is so hard. Thanks for your comment and support.

I feel the same way... I've been holding on to someone that hurts me constantly, physically and mentally. I think besides being obviously a fool, I'm deeply afraid of rejection. But which is worse? Are you putting yourself out there, or trying to hard? I have major social phobias and the biggest one... Dating... I think if you are brave enough to have put yourself out there for you to be rejected. You're are braver than ill ever be... I know I always set myself up for some reason in who I choose that it is almost garaunted to fail... Have you gone outside what you normally look for? I know I have been really trying hard to talk to people in public that I normally wouldn't. And I have been pleasantly surprised that not only do people respond, they smile when they talk to me... My friend is doing a self excercise.... Talk to at least three people you normally wouldn't every day... She has had a great response.. I don't do it as frequently or those numbers but when I do it is crazy to not understand why I don't do that daily?? She also is very self conscious as am I . But she has forced herself to shut that out when talking to different people... Her smile and letting to of any inhibitions about bring scared to be single etc... She looks really pretty, softer more approachable ... Might work?

Thanks for your comment Snoelbow. I've been rejected before so it is definitely not the first time and I can survive that. I have been single by choice now for about a year (amazing) because all of the relationships I had been in were extremely painful and did not end well. So I haven't been really trying to put myself out there, if you know what I mean. They kind of snuck up on me lol. I love my friends, but I haven't been trying to hook up with anybody. It's weird because before this I hadn't realized how much I really do want to be in love with a man right now. Hehe =) I think I'm ok with just being me right now. Not looking, but not denying either, if that makes sense. Thanks for letting me ramble, (lol), and thanks for your response.