Taken Down, Pummeled, Shocked: Mugged In Broad Daylight.

If you have been the victim of a mugging, you know how i feel as "the day after" comes to an end. The physical wounds have begun to heal, the disbelief and shock have worn off a bit. Police reports have been filed, credit companies have been notified, you may have even gone out and replaced something already.

But you're still really bummed. I know i am. If you are a person like me, who still happens to have a tremendous amount of faith in giving people the benefit of the doubt, thinking you can relate to anyone, even the criminal element that just committed this affront to your good nature, it's devastating. And for me it isn't the material goods, i could care less. It's the helplessness you feel as you think "if they had just gotten to know me better" or "i would have helped them out."

When my girlfriend and i got back to her place and told her Dad, i was suddenly privy to a lesson I just hadn't learned yet. He asked nonchalantly, "We're they Crackheads or A**holes?" To which She replied, "A**holes." And it reminded me, once again, that i'm am one naive, idealistic, unrealistic individual when it comes to human nature. Well, it's better than being cynical.

I don't care to go into details, but needless to say, it sucked hard. I felt violated, disillusioned, a lot of words that end in "ed". I fought back, despite the fact that there were two of them and had a Taser-like device with which they tried to incapacitate me. My girlfriend and I managed to run them off but they got my backpack. I kept my wallet, my bicycle, and cellphone fortunately. There was some irreplaceable stuff in my laptop, however. (Hard lessons of neglecting to backup regularly) But you know what? EP saved the day. A decent chunk of my writing i had already posted here. So now I have a little copy/paste project ahead of me to look forward to. A chance to edit, reread my stories. "The Bright Side", right? Hey, it could have been worse, it always can be.

Lastly. The event won't change the way I go about life. I'm not going to avoid "those parts of town", carry a knife, pepper spray, or even one of those cool things they shocked me with. I won't live in fear, because:

"Where there is fear, there is no love. Where there is love, there is no fear." If you don't know who said that... well, now you do.
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Hey i'm typing this on my new (used) laptop. Which as far as i can tell kicks *** over my old one which cost over twice as much!<br />
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I'm still healing. The guy zapped my arm and my neck. The latter shock closed up my throat making it difficult to swallow, etc. for about 24 hours. I got a nice lump behind my ear, too. I actually had to ride by the spot twice today which was kind of weird. I've been mugged 3 times now. About every ten years or so.

Wow, I'm so sorry. I know what its like to be robbed. Its horrible. Its a different kind of betrayal and those who do it to you could care less about you. They only care about themselves. Its amazing that you aren't cynical. I must admit I am and have been for a long long time. <br />
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Are you okay physically? What did the taser thing feel like? I'm glad you got away and they didn't further hurt the both of you.