It Sucks!

When I was 20 I lived on the bad side of town with my boyfriend.  Halloween night, I worked until 6, came home like I always did, threw my purse on the couch, and went into the bedroom to go change.  It was hot that night, so my boy had left the door open for some air, and the couch was right near the door... and you can probably guess what happened.  Yeah, my purse went missing, never to be seen again.  It was a giant pain in my *** to have to get all new cards and new bank accounts. 

A few months later, someone broke into the house.  They took all our phones (who wants a cheap land line phone?  I mean, the cordless, I understand, but...), the VCR, my radio, and my boy's Dremel kit.  They tried to take the TV but ended up just cutting the cable halfway through and running off without it.  They dropped the VCR remote in the back yard. 

The landlord wouldn't put a security screen on the door they came through (they had broken the back door window) so the theives came back in a week for what they left behind.  They still didn't get the TV though. 

I didn't live there so much longer after that.

AND!  Once, when I was little, someone broke in to our house (same way - damn those door windows!) and took our broken VCR.  That was kind of funny.

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1 Response May 20, 2008

Some geniuses tried it at my old place once;except they didn't realize a bear was in there-a big ol' DADDY BEAR.With a baseball bat,an a very handy Left-Right combination to back it up.I don't think they went out thieving for quite<br />
a while after that.....