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I was staying with some friends in Long Beach California back in the late 80's as a visitor from Australia and decided one day to go off for a walk. Unfortunately I walked the wrong area. As I was walking I noticed that I was the only caucasion in the area (nothing wrong with that) and many people kept staring at me. I just observed the buildings the car wrecks etc and something started telling me that maybe I should not be in this area. (Dumb tourist I thought). Well I was heading towards Martin Luther King Drive when all of a sudden I had a young male in front of me and felt something in my back and realised I had one behind me. They asked for money but the smart thing I had done was did not carry any with me except for a few dimes in my shorts. All I had was my watch which they decided they wanted. To say I was **** scared was an understatement. I took my watch off and handed it over but kept saying I had nothing more. The one behind me grabbed where my pocket was on the back of my shorts and realised I had no wallet. They even made me lift my shirt. They then just took off. And so did I and I ran over 4 blocks to get back to where I lived and got inside and my mates wife just knew by the look on my face something had happened. My mate called the cops and they were there within no time (certainly quicker than the Aussie police would ever be). They were the nicest blokes and they got me in the police car to drive around and see if I could point out the culprits. In all truthfulness I could not fully remember what they looked like except that they were dark skinned and they were young. The watch they took was a company watch so was unique in colour and design and funnily enough there standing on the side of the road was this young bloke wearing that exact watch. Another police car arrived and they arrested the kid (he just looked like a kid). It appears that this guy was 16 years old and the gun he had on him was fully loaded. (Then I **** myself literally, I was just beyond myself in fear to think that he could have shot me) and the cops were very straight forward in saying they will shoot, they do not care. My mate who was in the military then taught me how to fire a gun and forced me to carry his Colt 45 with me wherever I went even if by law this was wrong (I did not often carry it). I think I was more scared about shooting my **** off then shooting anyone. Hence to say I never ventured that way ever and was very careful going anywhere. I moved from that area to Carson where it was a bit more safer (or the neighborhood I was in anyway) and then spent the next twelve months in the US mainly in Palm Springs, Long Beach (nice area), Riverside, Redlands and Hemet. Never again did I have a problem.
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Yeah, some areas are better not traveled. Unfortunately ya don't know till ya try. Glad you're alright.