I First Knew I Had a Place In Church .

 When i wanted to go so bad and my friend forgot to pick me up .. and  i was crying and i made it there for service  my dad brought me ...  and the service was on Joshua ... where Rahab the prostitute  hid the spies .  i can relate to this because i used to sleep around ...alot .  That was the morning i was Saved ..Once i heard that message it touched me and i turned my life over to Christ . That was the day i was saved . It was Oct.2 , 06 .
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stay hoding on i could go on and on noe stop ...amen and ,praise the holy word .....lord jesus ....blesss you who ever you are,,, in the name of .....jesus!

i'm a cristan also i;m saved and that is truly ablessing cause ,i made god the head of my life and he said don;t trust in are own understandind but trust in him and he will guide my steps. but even though they for got to pick you up see ,how god step in and made away. that also happen to me this sunday almost ,but god turned it around ,just keep holding to his hand you can't find a better friend ,he's awesome/ i love him and praise him he love when you pray for others and praise him ,

Praise the Lord! God makes all things new~including YOU! You are a new creation in Christ. Old things are passed away and all things become new!

A story like this warms my heart. Thank you.