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I am a 15 year old girl and for some time now, I have been going through typical teenage issues. About this time a year ago, I was without any hope at all. I cut myself frequently, and almost everyday I would arrive home from school, carry a knife upstairs and lightly push it in between my two ribcages. Never did I have the courage to kill myself. I tried, on my own, to create some sort of trust that my future would hold something better but nothing worked. I continued getting pushed around by my friends, struggling with the expectations of boys, and looking at myself with deep regret, sorrow, and a lack of self-confidence. Finally, God brought into my life a friend I will never forget. I was at a slumber party with a bunch of my friends, this girl hadn't really ever talked to me, yet she knew I was suffering. She pulled me aside and asked, "Hey, you seem down lately. Is anything the matter?" Strangely, without the hesitation to talk about my feelings I normally would've had, I pulled up my sleeve and showed her the neat slits that grazed my arm. She didn't seem surprised at all, instead, hugged me as I cried in her arms... it was a great relief and we immediately became friends. A few weeks later, she brought me to her church's youth group. Growing up in an open-minded, church-on-Easter-and-Christmas family, I wasn't used to the incredibly direct, yet inspiring evangelical preaching. I was touched by the feeling of warmth in the group, the personal prayer requests, the beautiful worship songs, the normality of hugs and hand-holding during prayers... it was a whole new world. My friend's mom then bought me a Bible. I began reading inspirational books such as I Corinthians, I John, Romans, etc... I began going to her church about once a month, and I watched Christian cable networks, listening to preaching and music for when my parents couldn't bring me to church. During the summer, I attended the camp based off of the church, and it was incredibly valuable in the journey of my spirituality. Now I am proud to say I am a born again Christian. Jesus has saved me from the wrath of His Father, and I couldn't be more grateful... nothing could make me happier. I attend a prep school, and it's extremely hard to hold my ground (drugs, alcohol, and sex are a HUGE deal there), and luckily people are already aware that I am not going to involve myself in chemicals, nor am I going to involve myself in anything even remotely sexual before marriage. I don't need anything but Christ to keep me happy....I'm simply content with MY SALVATION!!!!! Thank You God for everything you have done in my life.... You're an AMAZING GOD AND I LOVE YOU
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remember when times are hard to count it all joy and be exceedingly glad, seems easy on paper, hard to do in reality, though, practice makes permanent, God inhabits the praise of His people, so, when times are good, or times are hard, sing to Him praises from your heart and He shall always give you the peace that passes all understanding, Philippians 4v6 and 1 of my favorites, psalm 34 v 7 "delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart" God bless you and keep you