Sammed But Still Believe In Hope

2005 I had 2.5 acres of land , a barbershop, 3 homes, an a husband. A neighbor who lived behind the shop introduced himself as a investor. Claimed he could develope the land surrounding the barbershop. He claimed he had investors who could financially support what he called the "business venture".  I agreed to allow the developement of the land and my total responsibilty would be if the City Of Sacramento Building Inspecters allowed the land to be developed would allow the land to go from C-1 to residential  housing , I would allow the land as my total obligation to the business venture. Sherman Collins suggested I transfer the title from me to a LLC to avoid anyone if during the time of construction someone was hurt they could not sue me. I agreed and put it into a LLC and he was the business manager and I was a member. He claimed the business venture would take 4  years  because it took the city to agree to a tentative map. Year after year I questioned what and how the progress was coming along. He had me meet with the city planners office. He told me he had connections with Sandra Sheedy a city council woman. He introduced me to PHA Architect several times. In the business venture Sherman Collins noted afte the sale of the tentative houses I would give the land as collateral and the financial backers would provide maps, construction ,engineering, entire financial support for 32 homes and we would divide the sale of each home to be split in half. Well PHA claimed the 2.5 acres would not support 32 homes so Sherman and I agreed to 12 homes I would get three and a building for a new barbershop. One day 3 years later the Real Estate Fraud sent to the barbershop a letter indicating the title from our LLC went to Sherman's LLc after Sherman Transfered it to his LLc he borrowed from Spartan Home Loans 325,000, he then tried to transfer back to our LLc and with so many transfers it generated a fraud letter. Sherman Collins left Sacramento and I have not seen him since. Spartan Home Loans foreclosed  on the loan and now are currently with all my business furniture, and ideas are collecting monies from the same people I used to get monies from its called booth rent. In fear I took my retirement money , invested it with a Newella Weekes , he promised we could get millin dollar homes and resell to actors and actresses. I was thinking I could pay back the loan that Sherman Collins took out and re buy the barber shop. My husband died, Newella Weekes took off with the money . I am losing  all the homes as they are all going into foreclosure. I will not have any place to live unless I get to make some money and now I am planning to sell door to door. Whatever it takes.

Am I bitter ? Well not as bitter as I was at first. I kept saying over and over why me ?  Now I say if I had all of that before I can get it again. The people who scammed me out of every financial blessing I believe will have to pay for it . What a person sows they shall reap. I am choosing to sow hope, belief, and desire to succed again , a everyday trust in God . He will take care of the widows and the unjust. Please if you ever decide to trust anyone with your life savings and land get a lawyer. Protect yourself and your land , have things notorized. Everyone who claims to know Christ is not to be trusted. Be ware of any of the people who I mentioned above , as I do not believe I was the only person they all scammed.

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Could you re tell this story for me, I have a radio show project for class?

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I've been scammed before as well. Probably didn't lose close to what you lost financially, but it did change me into a high skeptical person. It's necessary to survive this world but I don't like it.