But You Hurt Me

and you never brought me anything but down as I struggled to MOLD myself in your EYES.

and now i'm to blame because I have sO much **** to say to you. I am never anything but wrong and I can't win with you..

Whenever you come around all you have for me is criticism of what's natural. you say I criticize everything and love to argue.


I am who I am. I can only be what I am. But you...

You tore into me. every 4 days we fight. We fight and we fight and fight unitl you cry because you're offended and I cried because I HURT AND WAS SCARED

and this is how it goes. It went on and on like this until I realized Every damn time you cried it was never an admisison of your vulrenability to me but of your god damn arrogance and steadfastness in the idea of being right.

You wanted to take the high road but your actions betray you..... That you could never apologize or back down reveals the nature of your character


ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 8, 2012