I used to be terrified of him, especially when he was drunk he was so angry all the time, he would yell constantly I used to sit in my room terrified all night waiting for something else to happen. I remember one time I was listening to my cd player ages ago ( I was about 10) and he came in yelling "why aren't you asleep yet!! Turn that ******* thing off!!" even though my mum said it was okay to have it on because music helped me sleep. He was really ocd with everthing "being back where it belonged" I mean I was a kid ofc I was gonna loose things and he would yell and scream if we lost anything or if I spilled anything.

If i heard him getting up at night I froze. Because almost all the time it led to a fight, I dunno what we would have done with my brother who always fought him off hell one time he was about 14 and tried to push him out of our living room window because he was about to go for my mum. His faces scared me...when he was drunk it just changed he looked evil.

I'm not afraid anymore though I think I discovered it when my brother ran away a few years ago after my dad tried to get him signed in to a mental home, he was yelling at my mum and I just screamed in his face and grabbed a sharp knife, luckily I didn't loose it completely and stab him! 

Now he's just a lonely drunk... he will never have any fear over me again.

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Mar 5, 2009