She Taught Me So Much!

I didn't really have what you'd call a proper girl-friend until I was 17, and that didn't last long. We never got further than touching and ************ and I didn't lose my virginity until my next girlfriend. But I stayed friends with V's family, and became close to her mum. We were confidantes to each other; she told me about her frustrations with her husband and I talked to her about my worries and self-doubts. She talked to me about maybe leaving her husband - she called him her roll-on, roll-off man, like the cross-channel ferries - but thought she'd never be able to find another man at her age. She was in her forties, 6' tall, pretty, slender and elegant. I remember the moment - she sat opposite me in her short red dress, and I felt my heart in my mouth as I assured her she was still a very attractive woman. She seemed genuinely flattered and I let my eyes wander up and down her body. I ventured to touch her thigh but she said 'No' and moved my hand away. But she let me see just about all the way up her dress.

Time went by. I used to go to see her during the day when her husband was at work. We flirted outrageously, but it was always look, don't touch. Until the day in her kitchen when she reached up for something from a shelf above where I was leaning against her work-top and her crutch brushed against my hand. 'Ooh, that felt nice' she giggled. With a dry mouth I asked her if I could touch her there again. 'As long as you only touch' she said. She was wearing light blue slacks and leaning over the sink. I moved closer and deliberately pressed my hand between her legs. She just stood with her eyes closed and let me rub her. When I tried to push my hand down the front of her slacks she stopped me, but she let me keep massaging her ***** through her slacks until she came. She then invited me to 'do myself' and for the first time in my life a woman watched me **********. She held a paper towel over the head of my **** as I came.

Afterwards she said it mustn't happen again and we fell back to our demure ways, except that the air between us was always electric with sexual tension. And she did let me see more of her, wearing shorter skirts and blatantly letting me see up them, and leaving one or two extra buttons loose on her blouse. Gradually the taboo against touching eroded and I frequently let my hands touch her *** or skim across her breasts.

And then one day she grabbed me, said 'Oh, he's a lovely boy!' and kissed me passionately. We practically tore each-other's clothes off; in seconds my right hand was up her skirt, inside her panties, my fingers slipping easily inside her very wet *****, and somehow her blouse was undone, her breasts out of her bra and I was sucking her nipples as she undid my shirt and pants and pulled my swollen **** out. As she touched my **** she had one last moment of doubt, saying 'Oh, we shouldn't be doing this' but I begged her not to stop, I'd been dreaming of this for months, and she led me by the hand to her bedroom wher she undressed, undressed me and we ****** like animals. And she took full advantage of my teenaged powers of recovery!

She and I had sex two or three times a week for the next couple of years. We had sex all over her house, on the South Downs out back of her house, dressed, undressed - half undressed when we couldn't wait! I came to love ************ in front of her - and I've loved doing that in front of women ever since. She taught me that it was OK to be turned on by having a lover who has sex with other men - it really turned me on when we had sex sometimes within a couple of hours of her having sex with her husband. I advised her on how to seduce her insurance man and after she had we contrived that she had sex with her husband first thing in the morning, sex with the insurance man later the same morning, and sex with me in the afternoon - only I was the only one who knew all about the other two.

She taught me that it was OK to be bisexual, although I didn't really begin to come to terms with that, not to try anything much, for another 10 or 12 years. She taught me how to give a woman pleasure, especially with my tongue, which I have always adored. She taught me indirectly to really enjoy sex, to stretch out the pleasure, to savour every touch, every nuance, she taught me how incredibly good my ****** can be when the moment is delayed absolutely as long as possible!

Oh, and she taught me the deliciously kinky pleasure of having sex with a woman with her blouse undone, her skirt up around her waist and her panties pulled to one side, pulling out at the last moment to spurt my *** all over her breasts and belly. I loved that then and I love it still, 30+ years later!

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Gr8white - I had a wierd and incredibly vivid dream that we met again. Everything that had happened to me in the last 30-odd years had still happened (that includes homelessness and 2 major breakdowns) but she was still as I knew her all those years ago. She was radiantly happy and she said "Don't worry, Richard, it all works out in the end". At that point I woke up, looked at the clock - 3.10am, thought briefly 'Wow, that was wierd' and promptly fell into a deep sleep. About 10 days later my best mate - her nephew - phoned me up with the sad news that she'd died of bone cancer just over a week ago. I had to ask what time she'd passed. Shortly after 3 in the morning on the night of my dream.<br />
<br />
Make of that what you will. A couple of months later I met my wonderful, sexy, bi BBW Kate. We're getting married in December. It's all working out better than I ever believed it could!