My First Real Blow Job

Back when I was 16 living with my grandmother, my uncle was staying at the house while my grandmother was away on vacation and he had a couple friends over one night.

One was a woman named Leanne in her early 40's. She was petite, blonde and had a great body for her age. Even though I thought she was attractive, I didn't think anything would possibly happen between us at the time, being the age difference and her being there for my Uncle.

At some point during the night my Uncle called me out of my room and asked if I wanted to have a beer with them, so I took him up on his offer. They were all pretty buzzed at this point and Leanne was already looking at me different than when she first arrived. While we sat and talked my Uncle started bragging to her about my various achievements at that age in my life, and she started to become interested and asking questions. After a while she started calling me a "cutie" and stuff like. Then out of no where asked if I was a "good kisser" to which I could only reply "there's only one way to judge that" and she laughed, but nothing happened at that point.

Later on it was getting late and I was kind of burnt out, so I excused myself and went to bed. I was actually tired, and wasn't even thinking about stroking my **** or anything. After about a half an hour of laying there all of a sudden I hear my bedroom door start to open, and in walks Leanne. She walked right over to my bed and sat down and bluntly said "I was hoping I was going to catch you stroking your **** thinking about me" and before I could even answer she was pulling down my boxers reaching for my **** and leaned over and started sucking me off. It was so hot it didn't take me long to ***, but she didn't stop sucking me and kept me from going soft again. After a few minutes I wanted to try ******* her, but when I reached to undo her jeans she said "we can't **** because I'm on my rag or you'd already be inside me". I was a bit disappointed, but I couldn't complain because she sucked my **** for at least an hour after that.

We both ended up passing out, but I got woken up with her mouth wrapped around my **** again and she got even kinker and pushed my legs back and licked my ******* for the first time in my life. After I came, she got dressed, wrote her number on a piece of paper and said "You better have that hard young **** ready in a few days when I'm done my rag" and left.

We ended up ******* for a few months, until she got back with her husband and cut all ties. Haven't spoken to her since, but she taught me a lot and made me appreciate how sexy an older woman can really be.
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Wow. That got me all hot. Read me. Respond to me. Be interested in actually meeting you. Have a conference coming up in London. Want to play?

Eons ago, when I was about the same age, I was seduced by the mother of a high school friend while she and her husband were going through a difficult time in their marriage. At the time, my friend's mother was a head-turning blonde in her in her late 30s or very early 40s. She looked stunning in a bathing suit. <br />
<br />
My parents were busy and her son stayed with his father about half the time. Because I had been in and out of my friend's house so much, his mother already knew a great deal about me. The affair started one evening when I went over to see her son. He wasn't there. His mother invited me in anyway. I didn't think anything about it because I knew that she had always been sort of interested in me. I just thought it was a motherly interest. <br />
<br />
On that particular evening, we sat on one of the family room couches and talked. She already knew that I was more interest in sports than in girls. I can't remember what we talked about but apparently she steered the subject to sex. By this time, even I could sense where all f this was heading. In time, she put her hand on my crotch and kissed me. From there nature took over. It didn't talk long before both of us had lost most of our clothes. Much to my surprise, my friend's mother put herself over my lap. I knew what happened when girls wound up in his position. I just didn't understand why a woman would want it. When I hesitated, she urged me to take charge. It wasn't really going to hurt her, she assured me. After I thought she'd had enough, I let her up. She asked if I was ready to go to the bedroom. By this time, I really didn't feel as if I had any choice. I was ready. I knew she was ready. <br />
<br />
As she preceded me down the hall, I remember she briefly brushed her rosy a*s and joked that I really knew how to spank a girl. Although I didn't tell my friend's mother, I had once come across a bare bottomed older cousin blubbering and pleading while getting the strap over my aunt's knee, so I had a good idea how big girls got it. <br />
<br />
By the time we got to the master bedroom she was totally naked. All I had left on were my briefs and socks. She wasted no time throwing back the covers and laying on the bed. After dumping my underwear, I followed. <br />
<br />
I recall being amazed at how effortlessly I slid inside her. It wasn't anything like mast*rbation. It wasn't anything like I had imagined. I began pumping almost involuntarily and she fell into rhythm. I didn't last long. It didn't seem to matter to her much. She seemed to enjoy it. <br />
<br />
Since our houses were fairly close together on wooded lots, I could go in and out of our respective back doors unnoticed. The affair continued for about six months to a year. I think she realized we were getting too involved for our own good. Before ending it, she taught me more than I could have possibly learned any other way at that age. She almost quit literally shared everything a woman could teach a boy. I learned how to give a woman an org*sm. She even allowed me to discipline her about once a month. As a result, I understood the symptoms of PMS even it I had no idea what to call it. Watching her one episode of misbehavior also taught me that mommies rub their bottoms and cry after a good hairbrush paddling. The exception in the sex education was oral sex. My friend's mom never mentioned it and I had no idea it even existed.<br />
<br />
Although in today's world she would have been guilty of statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the truth is that my friend's mother give me the priceless gift of manhood.