Teacher Of My Dreams.

Her name was Miss C. I was in HS and she was my English teacher. She had the best legs and *** you could imagine. She was short and I liked that just fine. There were times I would find excuses to have to pass her in between rows of desks so I could catch a touch of her lovely as or thighs. There were times she would show them off for me by the way she sat or crossed her legs.
It was spring and she asked if I could help with some work around her place on Saturday. I said yes and Saturday couldn't come soon enough. It was a hot day and when I arrived she had a short skirt on (it was the mini skirt era). We had to do some work in her attic. She had one of those pull down ladders. She said she wanted to go up and pull some things down. The ladder was rickety so could I hold it. I was hard already but while I watched her climb I got the view of my young life. I saw her beautiful buttocks but when she leaned over I saw she had no panties on. I audibly gasped. She heard and looked down and smiled. She said she noticed i appreciated her *** and legs but if I wanted it I would have to start by eating her ***** and ***. I did and she returned the favor. I never told anyone because I loved having her to myself.
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You lucky man getting this teacher. So did you ever have sex with her,beyond eating out her ***** and ***?