My Friend's Grandma Part 2

After being seduced by Bertie, my friends grandma, we looked for ways to get together as often as possible. We looked for ways to do it yet not draw suspicion. She contrived 'work projects' that would get me to her house so I guess you could say I got paid for sex. She taught me how to please a women, especially with my tongue. I developed my appreciation for older, larger women with ample, sized ***** and sag in their bodies while loving on Bertie. She destroyed me for skinny fashion model types.
She also urged me to be patient with a women. She said as good as I eat ***** I should do that 1st for a women and they will generally give me anything back. She warned me that male **** is an acquired taste and some women will be scared to do me back. If I show patience it will pay off in the long run.

SEX CLASS 201: She also led me to appreciate ***. Again she warned that some women might push you away but that learning to pleasure a women's *** brought great dividends. She said when she originally got into it with her dead husband. It took her a while to appreciate it. Now it made her so hot and she noted it is something most men won't do so it can draw women to you because women talk about who's ******* us and sucking us.
We had numerous trysts till she had to move out of my area. The sending off time was memorable. She greatly affected my approach to women.
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I think you wrote a very good story,well paced and very believable.I in my youth had an older woman teach me how to please her and as such other women as well

You get spoiled by a woman of experience. Memories still bring excitement over 45 years later.