Seduced At 15 By My Great Aunt Agatha

I want to share with you a true situation that happened to me when I was just 15 and staying at my Great-Aunt Agatha's house in Southampton, a major commercial seaport on the south coast of England.

This true story has not been embellished in any way……this is exactly how it happened.

Agatha was my grandmother’s elder sister, and as far as I can recall was 70 years old, or perhaps a bit older.

I had only just joined the Merchant Navy straight from School, and was staying with her and her husband, my Great-Uncle Gordon before joining my ship the next day.

She had bought me a load of new clothes to take with me, and insisted that I tried them all on in her bedroom so she could return them to the shop if they didn't fit.

Pleased at the prospect of all this new gear, I followed her upstairs to her bedroom where she had put the various parcels of new clothes on the floor.

She suggested trying the shirts first, but she hadn’t made it clear that she was going to be in the room with all the time that I was trying the clothes on.

She said: “Right, c’mon then boy, let’s get started! Get that t-shirt off and try these others to see if they fit.”

So, I gingerly ******** to the waist and tried the shirts - that went OK. I was already incredibly embarrassed just being in front of my Aunt ******** to the waist, but far worse was to come.

Then she wanted me to try a couple of pairs of trousers, but wouldn't turn her back when I was changing.

This made me cringe nervously, and I started to shake visibly at the prospect of being in front of this 70 year old lady wearing only my underpants.

Next, of course the new boxer shorts had to be tried on!!

She told me to take off the ones I was wearing and try the new ones. Already naked from the waist up, I complained:

"But Aunty that will mean I'll be naked in front of you while I'm changing!"

She said sternly: "Oh don't make a fuss, and don't be a baby - I'm your Aunty, I've seen you naked a hundred times before! Your Uncle is downstairs, so you’re perfectly safe" she laughed!

"Yes Aunty, but you last saw me without any clothes on when I was about 7 or 8! I’m 15 now!"

She wouldn't turn around while I changed, so I turned away from her so she wouldn't see my privates, but she watched me with a very lascivious, leering smirk on her face as I stood there naked – my back towards her - trying on various pairs of underwear.

She could still see my bare bum, but I reckoned that was better than her seeing my semi-erect penis. After all, she might have been offended to see a naked 15 year old boy with an erection.

I quickly learned though that she was enjoying every moment while I was dreading every moment!!

I’m sure that she was enjoying my youthful awkwardness, but I felt convinced that she would have been mortified if she saw my penis in its erect state.

I thought that she would tell my parents if she had seen me like that, thinking I was some kind of weirdo or something.

She might have thought that I was perverted having an erection in front of a 70 year old lady, who was also my grandmother’s sister, but I saw the error of my thoughts soon enough!

That was the level of my sexual innocence and naiveté having just turned 15 a few weeks earlier.

When I had tried everything on, she said:

"There's one more thing I need to check on before we're finished."

"What's that Aunty?" I asked, turning to face her but still standing there stark naked with both of my hands locked tightly together, covering my privates. Being only just 15, I already had a semi-erection just standing there nude in front of my Aunt.

She proceeded to give me a gentle, sensitive lecture on the nature of women in seaports around the world, and that at my age I should keep well away from them.

The more she described these women, the more excited I became, and the larger my penis became!

"I just want to send you off with another little present sweetie" she said smiling.

With that, she took a step towards me, reached out, took hold of each of my wrists, one in each of her surprisingly strong hands and pulled my arms firmly down to my side and told me, in no uncertain terms, to leave them there!

I hadn’t realised until then how strong a 70-plus year old woman could be!

As I stood before her, totally exposed by my nudity, she first looked me straight in the eyes and smiled kindly, and then her eyes went straight down to my genitals as she gently grasped my now almost fully erect penis.

It was rock hard within a few seconds and she said: "My goodness, sweetie, your 'thing' is very big for a 15 year old child! It must be about 7" long and it's hugely thick too, isn't it?”

She continued her observations:

“You’re not very hairy yet baby, are you? But I guess that’ll come in good time.”

“Mind you, your lovely young testicles hang very loose and low don’t they sweetie? Is that because they need emptying do you think?”

This seemed as though it was becoming a genital examination as she went on:

“I’m glad you’re not circumcised – a penis is much more sensitive on the end if it’s not circumcised.”

“Anyway, I can't let you go downstairs with that thing sticking up like that - your Uncle will wonder what we’ve been up to!”

"Actually Aunty it’s not quite 7” long - it's 6¾" exactly" I declared, having plucked up the courage to get a word in and needing to be precise about such things!

My correction was a matter of complete irrelevance to my Aunty.

"Whatever sweetie, we're not going to argue over a quarter of an inch, are we?"

“I've never had one inside me as big as that either - not ever!!"

She reached forward and very gently took my penis in her hand. It bucked wildly, and she toyed with me by pulling my penis downwards and then letting it go, seeing it slapping my belly amused her no end, as her hand sent electric shocks through my entire lower body.

“Oooops!” she laughed. “He seems quite happy for me to look at him, doesn’t he sweetie?”

I gasped audibly as she eased my foreskin back and started to gently rub my penis up and down…..I was just 15, I'd had no sexual experience of any kind.

At age 70, she knew how to excite and entice a 15 year old Schoolboy, and she knew I wouldn't hold out for long!

As she very delicately cradled my heavily hanging testicles, I remember crying out:

"Oh Aunty! I'm going to……going to……..oh Aunty….!!!"

"It's OK baby, just let it all shoot out into Aunty's hand! Don't be embarrassed, just let it all go! *** as much as you can for me sweetie, but try to be quiet or your Uncle may come up here to see why you’re making such a noise!"

I had never felt anything like it before! I had only ever been wanked off once before and that was by my 13 year old girlfriend, but that felt nothing like this!

I suddenly came torrents of sticky, white ***** which shot everywhere, surprising both my Aunt and myself! There was far too much for her to try to catch all of it in her hands!

Reacting quickly, Aunt Agatha dropped to her knees still clutching my penis in her right hand but held it so tight at the end that no more ***** could shoot out and stain her bedroom carpet.

Her left hand cradled my testicles and she squeezed them firmly, but without hurting me, as if to make sure that she had all of my ***** either in her hands or in her mouth.

I heard her gasp and swallow hard and assumed that she had taken the first blast of ***** completely into her stomach.

To my utter disbelief, she fed my bursting penis into her mouth, released the end of it from her vice-like grip, continued to **** me and I continued to *** another half dozen bursts of pent-up ***** into the back of her eager throat!

My loosely hanging testicles bobbed and flopped up and down as she released them, letting them hang free, whilst she simultaneously sucked and wanked me until she decided I was empty.

When I was completely drained, and my knees had stopped shaking, she said:

"Oh sweetie, that was wonderful, I've never seen or felt anyone *** like that, and you're still only just 15 years old!"

“Oh, by the way darling, I’ve never in my life sucked a penis until this very moment, and yours was wonderful to feel and taste inside my mouth. I hope you’ll let me do that again – but for God’s sake don’t tell your Uncle Gordon what we did up here tonight!”

She made me sit on the edge of the bed as she knelt again between my legs, took my still-hard 6¾" penis in her hand and licked it clean!

“For goodness’ sake boy!” she exclaimed almost in disbelief, your gorgeous young ‘thing’ is still rock hard! How do you young boys do that?”

I had hardly noticed until then that she only appeared to be wearing a thin housecoat, with obviously no underwear underneath. I think she had just got out of the bath before taking me upstairs to try on these clothes.

As she licked me clean, my rigid penis was back to its original size - my foreskin was already back as far as it would go because I was so hard.

To my astonishment, she stood up and said: "Now you can give me a parting gift sweetheart!"

She opened her housecoat, and underneath was as naked as I was!

In one swift, hardly noticeable movement, she slipped it off her shoulders and for what seemed like an hour - but was probably only a few seconds - stood stark naked before me, not three feet away.

I had never seen a naked girl, or naked woman before in my life, and there was my 70 year old Great Aunt standing stark naked before me – a 15 year old boy, a completely nude young boy, and still very sexually aroused.

My eyes only seemed to be able to take in her sagging breasts and the thick bush of brown and grey pubic hair between her legs.

But, this was my very first naked female and it didn’t seem to matter at that moment that she was 70 years old, and my Great Aunt!

My mind was a blur as she suddenly pushed me flat onto my back on her bed, climbed on top of me, and straddled my hips in one dominant and forceful movement.

I didn't realise even then quite was she was doing or what was going to happen!!

One thing is certain looking back; she never intended to give me any choice in what was to happen next!

I could feel the end of my turgid, throbbing penis brush against her massive, unkempt thatch of greying pubic hair, and then her warm, slippery wetness caressed the end of my rigid flesh.

As she looked down at me from her kneeling position, she bent forward, reached down between our naked bodies and took my penis in her hand once again!

She wanked me slowly while we both looked down at my genitals to make sure I was hard enough to enter her. I felt her guiding it eagerly into her dripping wet vagina, passing easily between her outer labia as we both watched as my penis was now in penetrative contact with her private opening.

Suddenly, she moved up from her kneeling position, eased her wrinkled old body over mine and sat down on my hips. I felt the full length of my turgid flesh enter her vagina as the juice dripping freely from her ***** made my testicles all wet and sticky.

It slipped into her its full length in one continuous movement!

She sat there for a few moments getting used to having a 6¾" penis - mine was the biggest she had ever seen - inside her, and it was also the first penis at all that she had felt inside her for nearly 20 years as she and Uncle Gordon hadn’t had sex in all that time!

She started rocking backwards and forwards.

She gradually sped up and after about only 5 minutes or so she then flung her head back and gasped:

"Oh God baby…….I'm ******* ……all over your **** and your big balls……oh God…..don't stop darling…..I’m cccccuuum……mmmmmiiin nnnnngggggg so hard…..!!"

I began to thrust my hips upwards into her to match her rhythm as she was completely overwhelmed by her second ******…..

She collapsed forwards, and as I looked down at this sweet old lady lying naked and exhausted on my chest, I felt my ***** jetting in continuous streams from my body into my Aunty's vagina.

I came so much that I could hear it as it squished and squelched from her vagina…..she put both arms around my neck and started to thrust against me again!

She didn’t want to waste nearly 7 inches of boy-flesh and so she made an extreme effort to ****** again for my benefit.

As she came all over me for the third time, still lying on my chest, she lifted her head and kissed me more passionately than I had ever been kissed by a girl before, or since.

We lay like that for more than an hour before we both got up, having brought each other to ****** several more times, then showered together and went downstairs……..Uncle Gordon was asleep on the settee……and presumably had heard nothing…..

This memory will stay with me forever…..and, indeed, now aged 70 myself, the memory of that mind-blowing experience is still as fresh as the day it happened………and I’m still in shock!

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I had a great aunt that was divorced and I used to be able to watch her pee. We would go in the bathroom and she would pull down her girdle, spread her legs wide apart and let me watch as her pee ran down into the toilet. Then she might wipe her *****, pull her girdle back up, straighten her stockings, and say to me "Did you enjoy my little show ?"

"Of course I did." Id tell her. "I love seeing your gray haired belly and ****."

A Wonderful Experience!!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You also made her Very happy!!

Hi cuddles1266........thank you for taking the trouble to comment on my story; I'm so glad you liked it!

My experience too

Hello Larrybuz.........thanks for your comment.

I loved this story. Thank you for sharing it!

Hello js970295 - Thank you for your kind comments, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my [real!] story.

70 yr old seduction .. like .. Ewww!!!

Hi Alpo3476
Well, I guess it was!!
At 15, I hardly realised what was going down until it was too late!!
Hope you liked the story anyway!!

Well I puked in my mouth a little bit .. but besides that .. it was pretty interesting ..