More Than Twice My Age!

She was more than twice my age.  The kicker: she was 30... I was 14.  And I loved every minute of that wild summer.

She was a single mother working at a local museum as a guide, and I was a cocky kid who just finished my 8th grade year and thought it was cool my older friends could bum me cigarettes.  I flirted with her after going there to take my little sister once afternoon when my mom had to run an errand.  Honestly I don't know how it got to the point where I had the gall to ask for her number, and she felt like she'd been insulted--I remember her retorting to me: "Kid, does your mom know you're doing this?"  LOL.

We would e-mail and keep in touch... and after a month, she somehow caved in and said she'd pick me up and take me back to her place, where we could watch movies but she made me promise I would NOT hit on her or try to seduce her, which is exactly what all my e-mails were doing... heh.

Of course, I did, and I demanded it.  After we drank a little, giggled a little, and she confessed she felt a mixture of nervous and sick and weird and perverted because she realized I was only 14, she ended up taking my hand, pushing me down on her bed, and giving me a tongue bath.  She laughed and giggled as every stroke of her tongue against my pubescent body resulted in convulsions.  And when she ******** down, I almost came right there.  First time in my life I'd seen a naked woman, and she was amazing... 34C chest, nice hips, a hard body with lingerie underwear (!).  A poochy stomache but she had a 10-year old kid--which was the OTHER weird thing, since I met him a few times and I felt weird thinking I could be his father or something and he was gonna go to my middle school next year... lol.

Anyway she dominated me that night.  She gave me my first BJ, let me j*zz in her mouth, and told me that my c*m tasted better than 40-year old guys she'd been with.  In between erections, she'd just lay beside me, her hands all over my genitals, and laugh and say it was better my d*ckwas small so that she could fit it all inside her.  She taught me how to go down on her, and although I thought I was killing her (!), it turned out after 30 minutes of just licking her I made her c*m... it was a while before she released her grip on my face, and afterwards I swear she was almost crying when she confessed that it was one of her most intense ******* since she was in college.

Eventually we had sex, and boy it was amazing.  She rode me hard, and even though I asked if she had condoms (thanks, public school sex-ed for that thought!), she said she was "fixed" and that since I was a virgin, she knew I was clean.  Heh.  She mounted me and I came in 45 seconds, which she cutely said was fine, and with my flaccid penis still inside her, just was content to sit on top of me and rub my head into her big boobs.  Once it fell out, she'd take the little bugger and stick it in her mouth, massaging it until it got hard again.  I remember she could fit my whole scr*tum in her mouth and juggle around my little b*lls with her tongue, which felt wild and weird and almost painful at the same time.  Finally she'd stick it back inside her.  I think we did it at least 4-5 positions--doggie, me on top, reverse cowgirl... we even tried standing up, but she was so big she fell on me and just laughed.   Anatomically, it just barely worked out.  I was all of 5'5" and scrawny; she was a voluptuous 5'9" and weighed more than me.  I'm thinking I was prob 115lbs or so... she was a curvy 135.

I woke up in the morning, with her sprawled over me, her hand still clenching my penis and her other free hand on my chest.  She showered me, made me breakfast... I remember that, she made me an omelet with toast and two strips of bacon, and just sort of sat there and watched me eat, occasionally stroking my hair and telling me that I was amazing.  Then drove me home (I'd told my parents I was staying with my other friend the night, so it was okay), and said that we could see each other ONLY if I kept my mouth shut, because she felt really bad about my age.  And so it continued.

For the next few months, up until my first month as a freshman in HS, I was averaging at least 4 days seeing her a week, and every session ended up with sex.  When she was on the rag, she gave me on-demand head.  How cool was it to be 14 years old, to call a 30-year old mother's cell phone, and 30 minutes later you're in HER car while she's sucking YOU off while letting you play with her *******?  LOL.  Honestly, we probably did it 150-200 times or so.  By the time I went to school as a freshman, I'd done it all.  Even anal.  And yes, I did prefer it--if only because it was much tighter and I could make her squeal in a little pain when I did it hard.  LOL.

In the end, we broke it off but that is a whole other story.  Suffice it to say, we made long-term plans and almost came out to everyone... she told me she could take care of me, and that once I turned 18 she'd help me go to a good college so I could make money and take care of us all as a family... said that we could get married in a few years, etc.  I think one of the things that just made it weird was that as her kid started to hang with us, she realized it just looked bad.  She couldn't raise a 10-year old son, and then also tell him that his step-dad might be a 14-year old.

Oh Kerri... I do miss your cougar ways.

mrohrr mrohrr
22-25, M
Feb 13, 2010