Yard Work Flirting

I was 16 that summer,(30 years ago, my god!!) and a friend and i were just heading down the street to a friends house. We were passing a house with a big yard when the woman who lived there called out to us and asked us if we wanted to make a little money helping her cut the grass and clean up her yard.

My friend was basically a lazy guy and refused, but i noticed the lady was wearing a loose tank top and was braless, so quickly agreed just to see if i could get a glimpse or two of her lovely knockers.

Being constantly horny, and an avid voyeur, i made sure that i was always in front of her every time she bent down to pull some weeds from her garden or trimmed some plants. I was rewarded many times during that afternoon with full downblouse boob shots, and also knew that she was putting on a show of flashing them when i caught her looking at me everytime she did so.

I wanted to take this further, so i took off my t-shirt and continued to do the yard work in just my cut-off jeans. Being in excellent shape at that point in my life, i have to admit that she seemed happy to check out my sweaty body also.

After a couple of hours , we were just finishing up when she invited me in for some cold lemonade. Standing in her livingroom, waiting for her to pour the drinks in the kitchen, i noticed some ***** mags on her coffe table.These weren't you everyday penthouse or playboys but really kinky Lesbian and bdsm magasines.

Since i had been getting great views of her **** all afternoon, and was already really horny, seeing those mags sitting there got my teenage **** up and hard as a rock.. I picked one up and just started flipping through it when she came back into the living room with our lemonade and smiled at me and asked me if i thought the mags were hot.

I was a little embarrased, and dropped the mag back on the table and mumbled something like "yes, but i think your **** are nicer than these girls"...Really smooth, right?  but that's all i could really say.

She laughed at me and said " You really think so? I'm 43 and think that they are starting to droop too much. whaddya think?" and she whipped off her tank top and displayed them to me in all their glory.

Even though i knew there was a lot of sexual tension between us all afternoon, i still wasn't really ready for her brazenly pulling off her top and cupping her breasts at me and asking me if i liked them...I stammered and almost passed out from lack of oxygen because i think that i forgot how to breathe for a while.Here i was, in every teenagers fantasy, and i was having trouble keeping my heartrate down below critical level, and stammering like an idiot with my mouth hanging open,  drooling all over myself.

I wasn't a virgin, having played around with a few of the local girls my age, but this is the first time that a hot MILF was comming on to me, and i really didn't know how to act. Thank god, that she was taking total control of the situation, cuz i was just rooted to the spot with my eyes glued to her boobs.

She walked over to me, and started rubbing her palm against the front of my cut-offs. slipping her tongue into my mouth, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my **** out.

I'm sure that i was already dripping pre-*** before my shorts fell down to my ankles. My hands were all over her beautifull, heavy **** as she pushed me down on the sofa. She stood above me and started to undo her shorts. When i tried to help, she told me to stop and just lay there. Keeping my hands off her, she finished stripping, and was totally naked,standing at the end of the sofa while i was lyind down the lenth of it.

She then told me not to do anything...don't touch her, don't kiss her and definatly don't *** until she said to. She was taking total control and i was to be her ****-toy.

I have never played this kind of game before, dom/sub, but i was having no problen going along with the idea. Hell, i would have crawled along on all fours and howled at the moon if she wanted me to!!

She told me to sit up , then she put one foot on either side of my hips and ground her ***** into my face. I started lapping away at her with my tongue when she told me to stop and for me to keep my mouth closed. She then started to rub her ***** up and down my face, ************ on my nose and lips, dripping all over my chin until i was sure i was going to drown in her juices.

After a few minuets of this, she came all over me and i was sure my face was raw from all the friction of her pubes on my nose. She slid down and buried my **** into her and started bouncing up and down in my lap. I tried to keep pace, but once again, she told me to stop and don't move a muscle. I was going crazy, not being allowed to thrust my hips into her, but i tried my best to obey and enjoy the ride. She told me to open my mouth and when i did, she thrust her tongue inside and started ******* my mouth with her tongue while riding my hard-on. When i started to kiss her back, she told me not to, but just to leave my mouth open for her.

I started grunting as my balls tightened up, and my **** started twitching. She stopped ******* me and told me not to *** just yet. After a little while, as i settled down, she started riding me again until she was screaming and ******* all over me.

After she had came, she rolled off of me and laid there catching her breath. I still hadn't ***, and i didn't move at all. I didn't know what to do next, so i just waited for her.

She sarted to giggle and told me that i did good and now it was my turn to do whatever i wanted with her. I had her kneel on the sofa and i entered her from behind, doggie style. I was pumping into her a mile a minuet, and pinching her nipples between my fingers as my ****** started building deep down inside of me. I pulled out, just before i came and sprayed her back with  a huge load of ***. I was so exhausted, that i just put all of my weight on her back and laid there until my *** had started to dry and kind of glued us together.

After we had showered, we started talking a little bit..She told me that she was divorced and living with her girlfriend who was at work. She was bisexual, but her girlfriend was 100% lesbian and didn't want her to play with men at all.

She said that she would call me whenever she had more "yard work" to do, but that i wasn't to call her at all. I agreed and she called me 4 more times that summer. That was the only time that she was so dominating, but i always made sure that she had her fun and ****** before i let go with my own.

She moved away, without calling me, and i felt disappointed not being able to **** her one more time, and i had never told any of my friend what was happening between us, because i wanted to keep her all to myself. Besides, my friends would have never believed me anyway!

Since then, i have had a few older ladies and have always had a great time with them....

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what a fine story,had a older women when i was a young man,amazing sex.

Yeah, 16 was a VERY good year for me and older women...i have another post called " in front of a stranger" that happened that same summer...ahhh to be young and horny!!

Wow! That really is every horny teen age boy's fantasy, isn't it? I would imagine that was probably the best, or one of the best, summers in your life. Really hot story. Now, aren't you glad you shared it with all of us?