Mother And Daughter

There are stories within stories to this one!

When I was about 10 my parents became friendly with a family we'll simply call the Mks too hide the identity of the far from innocent. The guy worked beside my father. They had a daughter less than a year younger then I and a son a couple of years younger than that. They seemed a friendly happy family and we all had a lot of good times in their company. There was, however, a naughty side to it all!

When I was about 11 year old, I was driving home with my parents after an evening at the Mk's house. My parents were having a conversation in 'coded adult speak' thinking that I, sitting in the rear, didn't understand. Of course I did. Mrs Mk had confided to my mother that she was strongly attracted to my father. It sounded as if my mother had been propositioned for a husband swap. It was one of my youngest memories of being aware that adults could actually play naughty sex games. They sounded a bit shocked and agreed it wasn't going to happen. I don't think it ever did. It didn't seem to effect the two families' friendship, though.

The daughter, I'll call J.Mk here, was really rather naughty. Regularly, she would suggest we played games like 'doctors and nurses', 'master/mistress and slaves' and of course 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'. Through these games I got an in-detail introduction to the differences between the male and female body. This continued until we had reached an age where the games became childish and what we probably should have been doing was starting a grown up sexual relationship. We could have easily, but I suppose we didn't feel mutual attraction - it was all just sexual fun. A lot of undressing, touching and ************. I do believe we never kissed or cuddled. We could easily have had intercourse, but it never actually happened. Since she usually took the lead and initiated games, this story could easily have been "I Was Seduced By A Younger Woman"!

When I was 16, I stayed over at the Mk's. My father and Mr Mk had planned to out to some event and come home late. Probably having drunk a lot, so driving home wasn't going to happen. My mother had already agreed to stay a few days with my grandmother and so didn't come along. I spent the evening with Mrs Mk, J.Mk and her brother. We three youngsters played a board game. Mrs Mk disappeared for a while. Turned out she had gone for a bath and returned wrapped in a big white fluffy robe with a towel round her we hair. She said J.Mk and her brother should go to bed. He went off and J.Mk said she too was going to have a quick bath. There was no suggestion that I go to bed so I just sat and watched TV. Mrs Mk and I sat at each end of a large sofa. She rubbed her hair and then combed it out. She only made a few comments about the TV show but didn't really appear to be watching it.

J.Mk opened the door and entered. Dressed for bed. She said goodnight and went off again. I was waiting for the suggestion that I too might be sent off to the guest bedroom, but nothing was said. After a few minutes Mrs Mk finished her grooming and began talking to me. The sofa was big so when she swung her legs round onto it, her feet didn't quite touch me. The legs were bare to her thighs but as she had lifted them up she tucked the front of the robe firmly between them. The robe wasn't closed very tightly at the front so I could see quite a lot of her breasts, but no nipples. I remember wondering what she was wearing under the robe. Mrs Mk must have been about 35 years old. She had dark hair and was a little overweight. I liked Mrs Mk. She seemed more fun and more laid-back than my own mother. At 16, I found her attractive, now I would consider her a young sexy woman!

As the minutes passed Mk's conversation became laced with sexual inuendo. She prodded my leg several times with her toes when I delayed in answering her. I was more than a little embarassed.

Then she lifted the knee of her leg which was against the back of the sofa right up. Her hand kept the robe between her legs. Since she was lying back a little her leg was exposed up to the buttock and it was obvious she wasn't wearing anything other than the robe. I suppose at this point she decided to 'cut to the chase' and asked my if I found her attractive. I said I did. Then she asked if I had seen a naked woman. I said I had. She laughed and asked it it had been a girl or a woman. I replied a girl my own age. I did wonder if she realised I meant her daughter. She asked if I wanted to see her naked. You bet I did, and said so with enthusiasm.

She stood up, moved in front of me and undid the bow of the robe and opened it fully. Her breasts seemed huge with what I thought were massive dark areolas. Between Mrs Mk's slightly open legs was much more pubic hair than her young daughter. She asked if I liked what I saw. I nodded, staring straight between her legs. She closed the robe and retied it. For a moment I thought, "that's it, fun over". She held out her hand and I took it. She pulled at me as an obvious gesture to follow.

I was led into her bedroom and she closed the door, turning the key. The robe was undone and thrown to a chair. Mrs Mk stood before me with her hands on her hips and her feet quite far apart. She asked if I had made love to a woman. I said I hadn't. She moved onto the bed and lay naked with her knees bent and legs wide open. Wow, what a sight. All she said was, "you can make love to me, if you want".

I threw off my clothes in seconds. I had had an erection since sitting in the sofa. I climbed on top of Mrs Mk and was a little surprised when she caught my penis and guided to the right place. At 16 and my first time, I must have lasted a minute! I lay still for a few moments and then, "I think it's time you went to your own bed". I got up lifted my clothes, pulled on the trousers, and left. Not my greatest performance! The episode was never mentioned or even hinted at.

One thing this story tends to support is that behaviour continues from generation to generation! Mrs Mk's mother had 3 children to different men and never married. When Mr Mk married Mrs Mk in the 1950s, he was disinherited by his family for choosing a girl from what they considered an immoral background. As I have said, Mrs MK certainly had a strong sex drive as did their daughter J.Mk.

And that is the story of how "I Was Seduced By An Older Woman"!
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Shame I never got a similar opportunity:(

much the same way i lost my cherry, but my milf continuded my training until i became able to screw all night long and eat her to climax over and over. best training i ever had.

My first time was with a married woman also. Boy what fun we had.

What a story what happened to u J Mk after that

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very well narrated,, lovely story.

Great story like my childhood story.I like it.