My Story


Way back in 1969, I had left school with nothing more than a swimming certificate. I bummed around doing nothing jobs for 6 months. With me going nowhere, I decided to join the junior leaders regiment in the British army. When I was told of my enrolment day, I was asked by my mother to go and see her older sister (my auntie Pam); I was told she was a little bit upset.

 So the day before I was to leave town I went to see pam. My auntie was a very tactile sort of person (very touchy feely). We small talked a while, and then she asked for a cuddle, somewhere during this, we kissed. Being this close to her gave me an erection.  I don't really remember the conversation, but she did say “there no way that I am going off to war as a virgin" with a fair bit of coercion, I was sent upstairs to” take my clothes off and sit on the chair ". I have to say, I was really looking foreword to this. (As a reminder, this is all true) when she entered the room, she kept talking to me, things like “its ok, don’t worry, etc " then she started to undress, all the time she kept talking to me. She did do an odd thing though, when she was down to her underwear, she took her pants of first, then her bra. The next bit is emblazoned in my mind; she put her hands on her hips and asked me to “have a good look ". She then sat on the bed opposite me, and just talked for a while. what she did next ,I promise I will never ever forget, she layed back and propped herself up on her elbows, opened her legs slightly, ( to this day, to me , this is the most sexiest pose ever ) I was told to sit still and watch, she layed down on the bed and began to play with herself. I remember that when she finally climaxed, it scared me a bit (all that moaning and moving about, I had never seen anything like it.

 She lay still for a few minutes, and then invited me on to the bed, she wrapped her arms around me in a great big cuddle, another sensation that I will never ever forget, body heat, I never thought a human body was that warm, even now, I can still actually feel that wonderful surprise.

She let me touch and kiss her breasts, I quickly touched her between her legs, then she started to ********** me, I lasted about 30 seconds, *** went every where, on the bed, on her leg, she got up, fetched tissues and a flannel, cleaned up the mess, then layed back down with me. We lay talking, with my head on her breasts for ages.

Later she got up, put on a dressing gown, went out of the room. She returned with a tray of ham sandwiches and a large glass of milk. Again we sat on the bed, and talked. Finally a good few hours later, Pam got up and took off her robe and said, “I think now is the time “, suffice to say that about 20 minutes later this lovely lovely lady had taken my cherrie, and made a man of me.

I visited her for a few years after, (when I was on leave) then we used to meet at family gatherings (birthdays weddings etc) and she always manoeuvred it so that we sat next to each other.

Sadly, my auntie Pam is no longer with us; we lost her a good while ago. I do miss her.


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We should all have someone so caring to initiate us. Thank you for your story.