My Sisters Bio Partner

Before I begin this story, I would like to point out things don't always turn out the way you like. Also events leading up to another can almost seem planned in a way.

I'm just going to get to the point here okay? So my sister (in college but still living home) has a biology partner that attends and lives in the same college. My sister has an fear of driving so she walks to work but gets a ride to college, and because Lisa (I'm calling the bio partner Lisa for ID purposes and I can't spell her name) has to get to my house so they can "do there thing" she takes the bus. Unfortunately my town is pretty small and the only time the bus would stop in my town is about an hour and 10 minutes before my sister gets off work. Where are my parents in this? Working 9 to 4.. Damn businesses..

I know this is a lot of info to take in, but to put it in one little short cupcake: Lisa comes over to my house about an hour before my sister is home. So the first day I was alerted of the whole situation and obviously I'd have to entertain her or something because we're the only ones home! Meeting her was interesting, I was watching "11Eyes" on my computer when she knocked on the door. I was nervous if she would be a total ***** and didn't mind if I'd ignore her and continue watching the anime. Yes I really wanted to do that! It turns out she asked to join me. I'm surprised to find she likes anime, sadly she hasn't seen 11Eyes so it made things interesting! So 20 minutes passed and we started talking about random stuff, including Tibet, yes we talked about Tibet! Not only that but we learned a bit about each other. She's from Massachusetts, 19 and Chinese. She found out I'm 15 and Italian. She seemed nice but too nice. There was 10 minutes left until my sister would come home and I guess she felt really conferrable and started smiling and laughing more often. She even jokingly slapped my knee close to "that part" after I made a sarcastic Asian joke she seemed to enjoy.

Then a bold move was taken by her, she asked for my phone number. Not that way, she wanted it in case she couldn't get a hold of my sister which I understand and gave her. So my sister came home and I let them be. About 2 hours(ish) after she left she sent me a message. I didn't really think it was weird at the time because we seemed like really good friends, totally forgetting why she supposedly wanted the number in the first place.

But its what she sent that was weird, it was a picture of her. She was smiling and though I admit was cute it kinda weirded me out. "Is she interested?" I kept thinking. So we talked through out the night and came to the point when I wanted to send a happy emoticon by itself because I had no idea what I was going to say. Accidentally I sent a heart. I didn't realize until I read her other message then checked back to mine to see what she meant. Her reply, well really freaked me out. "awww I <3 you tooooooo! dont tell (sisters name) lololol i can be a secret i knew u liek me" In those exact words she replied, I was almost sweating like crazy, my heart thumped and my head started to hurt. I was so scared I didn't know how to reply so I didn't and I knew she was coming here tomorrow so in short: I'M ******.

Long story shorter she same over and I explained how the heart was an accident and she jokes "pssst you know you love me", it was in a joking manner. The end right? No! Everything climaxes from this point on. So my sister gets held up at work for another hour and I can't just tell her to leave and come back so I let her stay. We were watching "The Simpsons" and I got up to goto the bathroom and return to see there's a certain girl missing. I called her name through out the house to see where she was, and no response. Eventually I found her in my room laying down in my bed. She must of thought it was funny but with a serious tone I told her to get out, this went on for sometime because she refused. So she finally gave in and did something worse and unpredictable. She sat up and took off her shirt, with a smirk I might add, and threw it somewhere, I didn't care at this point. She wanted it and her seduction was working that lead up to a ***** in my pants. I didn't want her to stop and neither did she. I stood there speechless and she smiled at me a bit, stuck her hand out and grabbed mine to join her on my bed. So I hopped on my bed, then she took off my shirt and felt me. She kissed my cheek and backed away to take off her pants.

The rest is all history, and she's coming over tomorrow. Can't wait!
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18-21, M
Dec 10, 2012