We were pretty broke when I we were first married so my ex and I lived at her mother's house for a while. My ex was not modest around me or her mom so she would walk nude quite often when it was hot or she was changing.
I thought that was a good idea since the temp was 90 plus degrees so I quit wearing clothes when I was in our bedroom. Her mom came in without knocking one day, saw me but continued to get what she was looking for. I am there with my **** in full view while she starts up a conversation.
Not sure how to handle the situation I tried to cover up using my hands while answering her questions. As I was talking to her I became aroused and soon I was no longer able to hide behind my hands. My full erection was exposed to her. She looked down and said she would call her daughter in to take care of that for me.
After that I decided that nudity was not a problem for her so I would be nude quite often. I was nude around her as often as I could be. Usually with an erection.
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I have the same situation. I live with my mother-in-law and my wife.When my wife was pregnant she took daily baths so it was common for her to be nude in front of us. It really excited me, see my wife naked in front of her mother. One day I decided to do the same, I took a shower and just opened the door and keep there nude brushing my teeth. I didn't took much time until she walked in and saw me nude, she giggled and continued. My wife saw me too and was laughing for the situation. I thought it was funny and she wouldn't have any problem with me being nude. I was wrong because my wife got really angry with my and her mother told me to not to do it again. I like exhibiting a little, it's a pity they don't let me.

hot, so you had some good times