My Mom Was.

Back in the fall of 2006, we met this couple at my brother's football practice.  My mom and I acted as a parental unit for my brother together, because his father died years ago.  So, we both attended his football practices and games and made mutual friends.

The couple we met was fairly new in town and they had four sons, the oldest of which was playing on the team with my brother, and the boys became close friends. 

We thought the wife was this submissive woman, who only followed and idolized her husband.  She didn't speak much, and they were always acting lovey dovey in our presence. 

The following spring, my mom noticed during baseball that the wife in that couple was flirting heavily with one of the coaches.  My mom even talked to the wife about it, but she denied any involvement with that man.  I told my mom she was crazy, M and P (the couple) never did anything seperately. 

A year later, we hadn't seen them in awhile but we were keeping in touch.  One day P told us that M had left him for that baseball coach and it was a small town scandal in their town!  He was heartbroken and humiliated.  I reached out to be his friend, but he got a bit too close for comfort (he is 38 and I was 18, plus that would be weird for my bro and his friend) so I laid off talking to him for awhile. 

Well, after I'd ignored him for about a week, he texted my mom at about 9:30 at night saying that he was going to hang himself from a tree and to "tell my boys I love them".  So my mom got out of bed and jumped in her car, she called the police on her way, and raced to the house. 

By the time she got there, the police were already there, and they couldn't find him anywhere.  Finally they found him in the tree but he hadn't done it yet.  He was waiting until he passed out drunk to fall from the tree and strangle on the rope. 

If it wasn't for my mom, he'd be dead today. 

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Yeah they got him medicated and things turned around for him. He got a new girlfriend and all. But he always thanks my mom.