See You Next Life

It happen some years back, during my schoolyear. my friend send me a SMS, telling me she broke with her boyfriend, and lost any will to live. my, my. what a mess. i dont know what to do. i dont have boyfriend, so i dont have experience on breaking relationship.  i try comforting her, she kept telling me i know nothing. then she msg me  "gud bye". i'm afraid she might do something reckless, so i contact her sister, asking her to inspect my upset friend. the sister said she's not home. i got worried. that day, i waste my time calling other friends about her whereabout. no one seems to know where she is. at last, i called her ex-boyfriend. he said he found all the present and dried flowers he gave her outside his house with a note saying something like 'see you next life'. i said to myself "gosh, am i starring in a romance film?"

shaqziad shaqziad
Mar 22, 2009