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That Same Girl

the girl i been getting into trouble with she really wanted to get me back for that slap in the face i gave her yesterday so today she was hitting me in the back of the head with little paper balls and i sooo got tired of it my butt was still sore like hell from the paddle yesterday but i just did not care so i took my book and i turn around and hit her as hard as i could and the fight was on the teacher try to stop us but she had to go get the principal and with a couple others over heard the fight she and me was having so they stop us and we got into it again in the office well they split us up i was in the principal office and i was yelling at him and we was just arguing and now i'm kick out for the rest of this school year my parents are really not happy at all with me
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Beat The ******* *** I Hope(;That Sucks Though That You Got Kicked Out For The Rest Of The Year:/

are u happy to accept this !

Sorry to hear that. Could you do summer school or go to the alternative school (if you have that there) or something to make it up? I am sure you do not want to go another year at that school if you don't have to.

That is good you stood up for yourself, but what happens now that you are kicked out of school? Will you be able to graduate?