I Jumped Through A Window

I was in Primary School (I'm 13 and in Secondary School now), and we had some cob huts. They had windows, which were just open holes, and we had boxes which we could stand on to look out the windows, but we were only allowed to look from the inside (I don't know why!). Me and my friend Oliver dared each other to not only look through the windows from the outside, but to also jump through the outside way, to the inside. So we both did. I went first, and then Oliver went. The whole time a boy was watching us, and he said "I'm going to tell", and he did tell. A lunchtime supervisor came to us, and made us stand by the wall (Our punishment in Primary) for the rest of lunch. When the bell went for the afternoon lesson we went to our class as normal and got changed ready for our P.E session. When we were changed we both got called to the front, and we were taken to the Principle's office. She blamed most of it on Oliver because he was a lot naughtier than me, though told me she didn't expect it from me. When we got let out we couldn't stop laughing, and she caught us laughing and we both had to come back to the office!
landlrbff landlrbff
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012