I Think I Hold the Record For Fastest to Be Sent

It was in 7th grade that I set this record or at least it was my personal best.  I ran into my history class, slammed my books on the desk, looked right at the teacher and yelled. "I'M HERE" to which he promptly pointed in the direction of the Principles office and replied "Not anymore" All this took place before the tardy bell had a chance to ring.

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1 Response May 6, 2009

haha thats hilarious!...ok thats a good one. I got the cane on my first day at secondary school!. I was actually trying to help my friend who couldn't spell the name of her road!, so having no paper i wrote it on the desk...i didn't think it would be an issue as the desk was already covered in writing...evidentally it did! and i got caned...i just laughed. My friend got the address correct too!.