2003..The Principals Office With All My Classmates..

the first time i got into principal's office was when i was grade 3 in the philippines..i got into a fight with all my other classmates..It started when we were practising for a dance competition..i remember when one of my classmates(enemies)..pushed my bestfriend..then said mean stuff about us..I got so angry at her that i punch her and declared a war..

We set off to fight in the middle of the big playground..It was at lunchtime when we started the fight..there was loads of pipol around the playground..i can see about 30-50 pupils around us..shouting.."fight-fight-fight!!"..

Then we started pulling their hairs and punching them..they did the same..Luckyly i wasnt hurt..no one pulled my hair, slap me or even dare to punch me..

Then the biggest teacher(male)..in our school shoutted at us..we stopped the fight and we went to our form rooms..then the principal went to the classrooms and collected the girls and boys who was in the fight..at first no one stood up..but then every one of my girl classmates stood up and shouted i should also stand up and own my fault..

we then went to the principal's office..I didnt know what to say..my mind went blank..i was scared that my grandmother..one of the high teachers in the school..would find out that i was in the fight..

i was so scared that i cried..one of my clasmates stood up and said, i should be sent here..it wasnt my fault..i felt like crying even more because..i've hurt them physically that they don't want my image to be ruined..i then got sent to the rooms and had been silent in the entire term..it's been a good experience for me becausenow i know that i wouldnt get into anymore fights...

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Fall, '97 was in 5'th grade gym class. We were climbing the rope. Under each rope was a big gymnastics pad. There were several surrounding the climbing area, I had already climbed the rope, but then went and jumped around on a outer gymnastics pad. Was great, I had never really been punished 4 anything done wrong in school priorly.