I was a very naughty boy at school.  Nothing happened without me being involved, most of the times as the instigator. 

School was so boring and the only way to ease the miserable life of a hostage, a long time prisoner of the green walls, was to have some fun.  And fun we had.  Under my guidance even the sternest teachers were slaughtered. 

I was not interested in easy victims. 

The vengeance was fierce and almost killed my future since my school was accidentally known for it's desperate cases, so there was nowhere else to go. 

Sheer luck made me survive this ordeal.  My results mirrored the turbulences of my career as a pupil. 

Needless to say that I knew the room of the principal like the kitchen at home.  Finally I had to bet with a couple of other rascals to make my very last year at high school an unpretentious success.  Thanks to them (I won 24 bottles of beer!) the doors opened to the university, where I continued my celebration of freedom but with less harm for myself.

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my dad would spank me and say boys will be boys I felt like saying dad's will be spankers butt never did wonder why