I saw the same guy who attacked me in November, about 4 months ago in public. I was walking down the street with my boyfriend at that time (now hes my ex) and as I turned to stop at the bus stop I saw the guy on the other side of the street. I told my boyfriend that, that was the same guy who attacked me and that we needed to leave immediately. My boyfriend saw him and he and I immediately turned around the other way and started walking pretty fast. By this time I was so anxious and scared of what would happen next. However the guy who attacked me stayed where he was on the other side of the street and said this in these exact words : " Hey *****, where are you going *****, Im going to ******* kill you! " and I started going hysterical and started bursting out in tears. My boyfriend started yelling at the guy to stop yelling at me and to leave me alone. But he kept yelling and we ran the other way down the street in a hurry. I was so upset and I had never cried or felt so hurt in my life. We dashed the other way and never saw that guy again. At first I thought he was following us but then kept looking back paranoid finally realizing he wasnt. We called the cops and it just got more crazier after that. The guys warrant went out for his arrest that night because he isnt suppost to talk to me, and it just keeps leading to more insanity. This is really in sane, and to be honest it looks like a horror story but its the truth and nothing but the truth. And now I am living in it. I finally found a new therapist who is helping me SO much but I still get paranoid and I get so scared whenever someone slightly touches me on the soulder. I have no idea whats going to happen next, but it keeps freaking me out. I can only pray this guy will leave me alone for good.
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Times like this when you need a big brother and some fiends to take care of that you! You need to be vigilant and proactive, unfortunately.

Sorry to learn you had/have to go through this crap. :(

I am so sorry for you... hopefully they can take care of his insanity and can him for good

i can help !!! message me beautiful u will regain your flowering vital energy

I would have dropped that ******* guy for u. You should never have to run or live in fear. I hate men who hit women! They just irritate me and get beneath my skin! I've helped women whom were abused and believe me after I felt with the problem. Some of Those guys even asked for forgiveness. No one should ever have to suffer through that. I hope you are a stronger individual.

I cannot believe that someone could be that low in this world. Such a shamex

My heart goes out to you, dear. I hope that you can find healing and peace.

Bless your heart! I get so pissed when I hear something like this. Any real piece of a man, would never beat a woman. Why that can happen.....I don't know. It is very scary out there for women. Animals like that need to be put down or quarantined! Wish you the best honey, you certainly deserve it! :)

Makes me sad to read this. When I think about people like that it makes me angry and I start to hate them. When I say hate I mean it. I had to deal with enough of that crap when I was a kid and have zero tolerance for it. If I was there I am not sure he would have left that street alive. That may seem terrible to some people but they obviously have never had to live after something like that happened to them.

What kind of a ***** boyfriend did you have?!Jesus...If someone yelled that way at my gf i would go over there and kick the **** out of him.

oh my dear lord, i cant heart this story i am sorry cuz there is nothing to like about it. its scary and so not ok. god people are freaking ****** i dont even know what to say. how and where did the first attack ever happen? was it completely random?
are you ok now?

As your boyfriend he should've made sure there was no way that guy could've followed anyone anywhere after even suggesting that he would kill you.

Oh, how horrifying! When I was in high school, the girl I was dating was making out with me - we were mainly just kissing - when suddenly she blurted out " so are going to rape me now? ". I had given her no rational cause to fear me - it turns out that she and her sister had both been raped by the same guy at the place where they were working, someone who (she wouldn't tell me who) was apparently well known in the community so they wouldn't be believed if they told their story.

The effect on my life has been that always after that, I have tried to be SO careful to never impose myself on a woman - to always try to be careful not to intimidate or coerce.

We went our separate ways when I graduated high school, as she was two year younger and I went away to college. That was some 45 years ago. A few years ago I spoke with her brother; she at that time was on her 7th marriage; as a senior in high school she married a guy who beat her... and it seem she's had a horrible life.

She was such a sweet person (and physically beautiful as well)... I always wonder if there's anything I could have done, even after I graduated, to help spare her any of those decades of pain.

I don't mean to be so crucial but no offense my girlfriend would NEVER get called out of her name! Especially by some ******* dude who attacked her. I would've made one call and a couple of my buddies and I would have put in work to get the message across to not ONLY call a girl out of her name but to NEVER put hands on a girl in a negative way again...

The incident happened before I knew my girlfriend... I suspected it was her father but she wouldn't talk about it.

Your ex was a nice guy, I would've beaten him until my knuckles bled or I got tired.

Carry pepper spray.

He shouldn't be on the streets. He should be locked up for a long time

What an *******. I hope he gets locked up in jail.

Sorry to hear about that hopefully everything will get better for you if you need someone to talk to message me