Yes I have been beaten, abused, and punched.......but you know what? I'm not going to let that affect my way of fact in the end I will hug and thank them because I know their potential is far greater than what they did to me and besides I know it's my responsibility to forgive.......if I don't I think I would be in more misery knowing I could never let go........ I have only grown to love these experiences because it gives me opportunities to give these people a many chances as they need and love may not agree but I would hate myself for wanting revenge because what good does it to me? Just because I've been hurt doesn't mean I want them to feel the same pain....they probably already have to deal with it in their hearts and who knows what they're going through......but it's these people that I love the most and will always be hopeful of ....because they are the ones that make me stronger :)
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You are a philosopher at heart. Those thoughts are not the road that is often traveled. Never seen a beauty booty with such a beautiful heart. I was just browsing through and saw your post and just had to respond to tell you that you have a gorgeous outlook in life. I'd like to message you and introduce myself.

Your strength inspires me. I hope you find happiness.

I hope you find your way. Godspeed.