I was just 5 yrs old. I had a twins sister!!! And a brother that was Just 5 yrs older then us...My dad was an heroin addict. He choice was drugs over his family.. My parents seperated when I was 5... We spent time with my dad on weekends but I don't remember any of it... Once my dad lefT when I was 5 that's when my 10 yr old brother started doing sexual stuff to me and my sister.. We didn't know better. It happened all the time.. This went on till me and my sister was 12Yrs old... We didnt see my dad for a few yrs.. One night when I was 9 he came to our door step late at night read a bible scripture and said his good by he left for California to live with his parents never saw him agian... I don't remember much of him..:( my brother left to go live with him for 9 months and came back because he was dieing.. He died when I was 12... And until now the whole thing about my brother doing what he did just came out when I was 21... My sister said something .. I thought it would never be told we all lived our lives like we were just normal and fine.. Idk now I just feel like its time to talk bout...
Griz22 Griz22
May 9, 2012