Terror From The Window

Three years old looking out the bedroom window seeing the Coca-Cola delivery truck pulling in my yard and praying that I would literally die instantly or disappear. Three years old wishing to die? I can thank the hands of the predator for these feelings. The panic I still get that strangles the breath out of my lungs to this day when I see a delivery truck is something that only a fellow victim can understand. I have never confronted him and many years have passed since I saw him...until this year. He was at my parents house and I wanted to rip his face off! I wanted to scream and tell him the pain he has caused not only by ripping my childhood away but the pain that has followed me for 29 years. One day I will find my voice and everyone will see him for what he is and what he has done.
Feaster09 Feaster09
Sep 24, 2012