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My Dumbassed Cousin Did This...

He exposed me at a young age (8 or 9) to bullshit from a Playboy mag.
amytheinvalid amytheinvalid 26-30, T 1 Response Oct 28, 2012

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I know the feeling. When I was around 9-10, my mother and I would go to Europe. My Godfather (no, really. I had a Godfather) always rented us an apartment by the ocean. Apparently, he also liked ****, but since I was a little nosy "investigator", I found the stack of Penthouses, Playboys and Hustlers. I loved the cartoons, and out of boredom, started reading the articles. My Dad knew something was up when he asked me what I learned about in Europe over the summer when I came back to the US. I eloquently started talking about Idi Amin and his tyrannical rule, along with the fact that he was a mad dictator due to the syphilis he contracted. I also talked to my Dad about Joan Crawford, and the abuse her adopted children were subjected to. My Dad looked at me like I was kookoo, and called my Mom in. I had to tell him the truth, and what I had seen and read. I wouldn't say it negatively impacted my life, but I will say I literally became addicted to the articles and stories in both Playboy and Penthouse, and would secretly buy them at the kiosk (I would always say I was buying it for my Dad) when I returned to Europe the next summer (after pilfering some $$ from my Mom's wallet).

As for me, I was unwilling. You did it out of your own will and curiosity. Nope. We are completely different here.