Frightened Of Hot Air

First of all, I must make it absolutely clear that this true story may be very triggering to other survivors of family sexual abuse so, if you think this may trigger you then please DO NOT read on.

Between the ages of 2 and 14 I was regularly anally raped by my grandfather. My fear of hot air comes from the fact that I had a hot air heater in my bedroom at the time as a child and all I can remember from that time is the hot air from that heater blowing in my face as he raped me. hurts to remember what he did to me. He died in 1990 but one thing makes me think that what goes around comes around. He died alone and in great pain from a fatal heart attack. This might sound heartless and hurtful but, for me............. the bastard wasn't hurt enough.

I hope that other survivors of familial sexual abuse here have, like me, gone on to have happy and fulfilled lives with loving partners and children.
polekat1959 polekat1959
51-55, M
Dec 7, 2012